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David Johnson Vintage Sno-Cat Spectacular

Rare  Ones and other sights

December 8th, 2012

aluminum bodied ranger

David Johnson's neighbor, Murray Melgaard, brought in this aluminum bodied prototype.


This rare K-4 was just one of two built. The 4 signifies the horsepower of the Kohler motoer powering the little sled.

Another one of Murray's sleds, an Autoboggan, which was a Polaris built for Canada, probably in the Beausejour, Manitoba plant. Very similar to the K-4, but with more power.


Being frugal Scandahovians, the boys at Polaris in 1965 had to do something with all those left over Comet hoods. At some point, the someone welded a Comet front onto a Mustang tunnel and moved the motor back to make it like the old rear drivers. This prototype never made it to the market, but sees action at Minnesota Hill on the first weekend in March where the driver of the 372 JLO powerhouse passes the other rear drivers at will, then parks and waits for them to catch up before winning (or losing) by a nose.


Chris Lunde's little three wheeled wonder was a hit. He said it could also be purchased with a track drive. 


Don't have too many specifics about this beautiful Ski Doo. Three finned cylinders peeking up through the opening, I'm thinking it is a 1972 650 triple. This was a great sled to have at the Spectacular. 

racer row

Nestled between a Scorpin and a Herters, this Starcraft was a nice addition to the lineup. 


Dick Krogstad brought in the Vking, powered by a little Kohler twin, maybe not as rare as some, but noteoworthy nonetheless.


This Polaris built sled had Sno King painted on the side. According to owner Daid Lee, several of them were built for the Roseau Ford dealer Messelt.


David Johnson autographs Milt Schmitt's TX 800.


Dennis Smedsmo brought in this little 1971 NX (R-175),which was a prototype for the next year's smaller Colt. 


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