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Angle Inlet School Christmas Program  

by Rob Crowe


little angel

An annual event many consider a must-attend is the Christmas Program put on by the students of the Angle Inlet School. This year was no exception as that particular schoolhouse was packed with locals and visitors Friday night, December 19th as the students performed the 2008 Christmas program. The program was preceded by a short piano recital, after which the audience laughed and clapped as the students acted out “Myrtle, Frank and a few Wiseguys.”

        Expectations are high for this event and the attendees were not disappointed. A couple of the students were not able to attend because of sickness but replacements were found and the show went on.

After the charming, humorous recitation of the Christmas Story ended, the students sang three Christmas songs. One of the songs was “Christmas Round” and the Colson twins, Jacob and Ben, invited the audience to participate by reciting some poetry.    After the program, teacher Linda Kastle invited the attendees to share in the Christmas goodies provided. Most stayed for the better part of an hour before gradually drifting away.        

        The Angle students and some of the younger visitors ended up outside playing in the recently fallen snow. One Angle resident pointed to some college aged attendees gathered in the corner and said, “This is reunion time for them!”myrtle

Chris and Jeanie Hamness  came up from Roseau to attend, a nearly annual occurrence for them. They brought along Eleanor Johnson to meet husband David at Jim’s Corner to accompany him to the program, David being at their Angle Cabin for a couple of days R&R.

The Angle Inlet School is the last one room schoolhouse in Minnesota. Those attending from afar will tell you it is well worth the trip to experience the Christmas Program each year.


New Publication serving the Lake of the Woods

     This is the first edition of the Southwest Angle News and Views, a publication devoted to the unique culture, people, farming and industry of the Lake of the Woods region.

        This publication will be as unique as the people it serves. The name comes from the popular weekly column authored by Rob Crowe that was first seen in the Warroad Pioneer. We hope you enjoy this complimentary copy of Southwest Angle News and Views.        
Please contact us if you have any interesting stories you think people want to hear about.

Southwest Angle  

by Rob Crowe


Things happen rather quickly sometimes. The new owners of the Warroad Pioneer didn’t want my Southwest Angle column, and, since I have so much fun writing it, I chose to continue the tradition. I figured you all wanted to continue hearing about Trapper, Ms Toyota, Pum the Ox and Management’s exploits so here it goes.

        Trapper’s buddy Dick is trying to justify his purchase of a 115 HP, 4 stroke Mercury outboard motor for his boat. His latest plan is to buy it for wife Eileen’s upcoming birthday. He thinks that since she occasionally accompanies him up to Whitefish Bay it might work, but the rest of us are a bit skeptical. Will keep you posted...

Trapper moved the logging shack to its familiar location northeast of Bemis Hill in the Tamarac swamp. If you are in the area at noon and hungry, the pancakes are on the griddle. While he won’t turn a raven away, he’s much happier if you bring along some sausages to fry up...

Gene Knutson’s buddy Blackie think he needs to upgrade his wheels. Blackie reports that the old Norwegian ran into someone with his S-10 on one of his trapping expeditions so it looks a little worse than usual, which was pretty bad. 

I’m saved the indignity of purchasing a Chevy Van. After scouring the Midwest online in search of a Ford Aerostar AWD van, I found one in the Trading Post. It was at DeWayne’s west of Roseau, another ‘94, reasonable, low mileage and in good shape. Now Management can work on putting on another 100,000 miles in a ‘94 Aerostar AWD. Rest assured, GM lovers, we’ll keep Dick’s old Buick since  it still has a current State Park sticker.

Have a great Christmas, See you next week!


Kari Nelson: Still pursuing her dream


Kari Nelson, fiddler extraordinaire, is home for the holidays. Kari, daughter of Kevin and Laurie Nelson of rural Roseau, is pursuing her dream of becoming a musician for a top-40 Country artist in Nashville.

        “I play 8 hours a day and do some weekend tours,” says Kari, “I’m also going to Florida for a couple of months like I did last year . Most artists want musicians who play more than one instrument so I’m planning on learning to play the mandolin and guitar.”

        Best wishes to Kari as she progresses toward her dream.


Marvin Annual Meeting


The Marvin companies held their annual meeting for employees on December 20th at the Gardens in Warroad. The event was well attended by the employees and their families.     

Susan Marvin addressed the gathered after Christmas songs were performed by Tia Moyer and the Men’s Chorus.  She stressed that the strategy laid out the year before had worked and that Marvin Windows and Doors was increasing market share in a devastating housing market.      

Jake Marvin followed, becoming emotional as he stressed the trust he had in Marvin employees. He said that they were prepared to lose money for a time, but that they wouldn’t risk the company. He ended the meeting by announcing the 2008 profit sharing amount:



Old Iron Section  

by Rob Crowe

         I stopped in at the Heritage Pharmacy in Warroad the other day and noticed a neat scale model of a steam traction steamer Owner Jean Erickson told me that her husband Martin had constructed it and that it was a working model. It looks very similar (albeit much smaller) to the Case steamer from the Lake of the Woods Threshing show north of Roosevelt.

        If you know of any interesting cars, trucks, tractors, snowmobiles or other devices worthy to be featured here, let me know...


Mystery Picture

covered road

Who knows where this road in the Southwest Angle is?  (Answer in the next edition)

moser lights

    For a nice light display that rivals anything seen in town, drive out south of Salol to Raygene and Carilyn Moser’s place. They’ve done a great job on their Christmas display with a nice nativity scene, animated reindeer and a plethora of other neat things. They are located at the intersection of 510th avenue and 230th street. Drive south of Salol on 13 to the end of the tar(240th Street), take a left, drive 2 miles and take a right on 510th Ave, they are one mile south on the right.


Perspective from the Real Angle      

by Linda Knight

     The fishing has been really good so far for the winter season just starting.  Four of our eight kids made it home for our traditional White Elephant party on the 20th and they went out fishing the next day and got their limits.  I guess they had a lot of fun.  They have a wooden trophy they made a few years ago of a fish and they write on the base of it the year and who won .  So far the girls are ahead, which is no small feat since seven grandsons are also included with the adults. 

The Angle School kids had their Christmas party on the 23th.  Exchanging their secret Santa gifts and sharing Christmas goodies.  They are all looking forward to the holiday break.

We have a new UPS driver, Tony Butler.  He took over when Don Palmquist  retired.  He said he is in the process of buying Charles McKeever's windsled so he can travel back and forth across the lake to the islands during the freeze-up and break-up each year of the ice.

Lisa Carlson Goulet is planning an ice skating party and bon fire on the 27th.  Everyone is invited.
Living at the Angle is always an adventure