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Lady Hockey Warriors going to State

        The Warroad Girl’s Hockey Team defeated Roseau 2-1 in East Grand Forks Thursday night, February 19th, to earn a spot in the State Tournament. The two teams faced each other three times this year, and the Warriors won each game in overtime.

        The Minnesota Class A Girl’s Hockey Tournament starts on February 25th at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul and winds up on February 29th. 


Ashlee Hewitt Concert

  Ashlee and Katrice 

Ashlee and Katrice in concert at the Roseau School Theater.

        Ashlee Hewitt and sister Katrice put on an hour performance at the Roseau Community School Theater Saturday evening. The concert was sponsored by North Country Inn and Suites and the People to People Ambassador Programs for Badger-Roseau students 2009. The theater was mostly full as the two sang 14 numbers. Ashlee wrote or co-wrote all but two of the songs. The first number wasBig Sky Blue, followed by Calling Home Again, Georgia, Breakin’, Right About Now and  Walk Away. She and Katrice then sang About a Boy, a song Ashlee said she co-wrote about an old boy friend. Next came Sun Don’t Shine on Me, I Gotta Sing (Ashlee and Katrice co-wrote this one), Let it fly, Is That so Wrong and You Ain’t Seen Crazy.  Her next song was probably her most well known, Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Ashlee and Katrice finished up the concert with Johnny Cash’s I Fell into a Burning Ring of Fire.

        Ashlee sang the melodies and played the guitar as Katrice sang the harmonies for the numbers.  The two have performed together since they were five and seven years old. Ashlee was a contestant on Nashville Star last year and spoke briefly during the concert about her tenure on the show. She said, “I think most of my support came from Minnesota, thank you very much!”

        Ashlee introduced each number with a short explanation, usually of who she worked with to write it and what inspired the song. Ashlee has lived in Nashville for two years and said at one point, “ I’m glad to be back home, but, it’s cold up here!”

        The audience consisted of folks of all ages; it was common to see young families as well as older couples interspersed throughout the audience, telling of Ashlee’s widespread appeal to her home audience. Ashlee conducted an autograph session after the show to sign CD’s for her fans.



Southwest Angle  

by Rob Crowe

        I was talking to my brother Jody the other morning and he mentioned that he was being interviewed for a story in the Star-Tribune. Jody is the director of TEAM Academy charter school in Waseca, but he has been studying aspects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome throughout his education career and has come up with some rather startling observations. He recently wrote a book about FAS that was noticed by someone at the newspaper. After the interview, the reporter told Jody that the story should be on page 1A this next Sunday. Needless to say, my brother was ecstatic, since he’s been unable to get too many to take notice of his ground breaking work on this issue.

        To let you know a little about Jody’s work, I’ll plagiarize one of my own columns on Jody’s cause. The column was published in the May 2, 2007 edition of the Aitkin Independent Age about the Virginia Tech shootings that occurred shortly before then:

        Another possible explanation comes to me courtesy of my brother Jody, an educator. His teaching career started at the Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig school, he was principal at the Nay-Ah-Shing School for several years, now he is the superintendent of schools for Fort Hall, Idaho. He wrote a timely article about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and Fetal Alcohol Effects (FAE) that was published in the Idaho State Journal one day before the Virginia Tech incident. The title was: "Are we asking the right questions about school shooters?"
Jody writes: "If I were to tell you my dad passed away from lung cancer, what is the first question that comes to your mind? Did he smoke? Now, if I were to tell you a 15-year-old boy walked into an apartment in a small town in a Midwestern state and gunned down another 15-year-old boy, what is the first question that comes to mind? I believe the question we should be asking is: Did the mother of this child drink any alcohol while she was pregnant with this child?"
Jody documents many things about FASD and FAE, his research has shown that the school shooters in Minnesota, going back to the shooting that took place in our home town of Grand Rapids in 1966, exhibited either the physical and behavioral characteristics of FASD or the characteristics of FAE.
In his own words: "I believe we would be amazed if we knew the extent of violence and societal damage brought on by the disabilities associated with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)
        "... In the past 18 years as a teacher, principal and now, as superintendent, I have experienced the difficulties of teaching children who have the litany of learning disabilities and behavioral problems associated with FASD.”
        "... Fetal alcohol effects (FAE), without any distinguishing physical features, is equally as disabling, is not easily recognized, and is much more common than the syndrome."
        I interviewed him by telephone on April 26, and asked him if he thought the Virginia Tech shooter exhibited characteristics of FASD or FAE. His answer was yes. While not definitive, Jody's explanation is certainly worth considering.
At the very least, the effect of the scourge of FASD on our children and society as a whole needs to be reckoned with.

        Since that column, Jody wrote his book about his research and has gone through the arduous task of editing and self publishing it. The Star Tribune interview is one more step on the path to getting the problem recognized. 

        On to other things. I’ve heard that some people are wondering what has happened to Ms Toyota  since she hasn’t been mentioned recently in this column. Well, probably good reason since she deserted the area for some time. Hard to believe that a hardened Minnesotan such as Ms Toyota would leave during the winter for regions south, but that is what she did. She and Gerry Reed left here one morning and eventually ended up in Costa Rica. Evidently it was a pretty good place for her since most of the vehicles apparently are Toyotas, at least that is what she says. They spent their time riding horses through the country side and flying through the jungle treetops on cables. She does have pictures of the flying activities but no evidence of the number of Toyotas, we’ll just have to believe her on that, if we want…

        Last Saturday was spent in the metropolis of Karlstad watching the Little Girls play basketball. I did manage to work in a nap during a break in the action. The old Mavica didn’t perform too well, but I did get a couple of pictures. I’ll have to let Management know I’ve written down a camera for sports action shots on the wish list...

        The breakdown gremlins have struck us here at Roseen’s Corner. Trapper and sidekick Earl have been wrestling with a broken Skidder. Late in the week, the electric jet assembly on the 440 John Deere failed and they had to order a new one. The new one came in on Monday, but when they installed the $200 part, it didn’t work. Craftsman Earl dismantled the old one, found a broken wire, soldered it and got the skidder running again.

        Not to be outdone, the new printer I bought last week suddenly decided it didn’t want to take the color cartridge, even though it was new, right out of the package. This has caused me some real problems, since the other printer in possession decided it didn’t want to print in color either, even with a brand new cartridge. Like Earl, I had to resurrect one of the old printers I had in storage. We’ll see how long that one lasts. I picked up another printer from the thrift shop since new ones seem to have a half life of a couple of days or so. This is a continuing story, maybe I’ll write a book about it some day. Star Tribune interview, here I come!


t shirt barrell

black bear


Snowy Days in the Northland

Snowy Collage


clayton adpolaris
Warroad JV Hockey completes season

The junior varsity girls hockey team completed their first ever season with 12 wins and 8 losses. The last five games results:
Warroad 3  -  Duluth 6
Warroad 11  -  Lake of the Woods 1
Warroad 3  -  Bemidji 6
Warroad 5  -  Crookston 0
Warroad 4 – LOW 1

The top six girls in points for the team were:

                                      Goals       Assists         Total Points
Mariah Reinert                  8               16                  24
Ciera Johnston                 17                3                  20
Kayla Gardner                 12                6                  18
Lisa Marvin                       6               10                  16
Eliza Evans                        4                 9                  13
Hannah Johnston               7                 5                  12

The goalie for all 20 games was Kallie McBride who finished with a save percentage of  83.85 and a goals against average of 3.15
The coaching staff is already looking forward to next year and the 2nd year of girls junior varsity hockey.

(Submitted by Rick McBride)

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Up and Comers

 karlstad tourney

A Roseau boy’s basketball team plays a local team in the Karlstad Tournament on Valentine’s Day.

 4th grade team

The Roseau 4th grade girl’s team lines up after winning both of their games at Karlstad. Each team received participation medals regardless of their record in the tournament.


6th grade roseau team #1
A Roseau sixth grade girls’ team with their medals after their second 
game at the tourney in Karlstad

roseau 6th grade team #2
Another Roseau sixth grade girl’s team after playing at the Karlstad tournament. 
Roseau has two sixth grade girl’s teams.

Area High School Box Scores

Boy’s Basketball

2/14/2009 Roseau                58           Crosby Ironton         83

2/17/2009  Warroad            81           Roseau                      66

2/12/2009 Warroad             48            Crookston                 51

2/13/2009  Warroad            47           TRF                           52


Girl’s Basketball

2/10/2009 Roseau               52               TRF                       65

2/13/2009 Roseau               46              Crookston              41

2/12/2009 Warroad            54             TRF                         76

2/17/2009 Warroad             58           Northern Freeze        65

2/12/2009 BGMR               64           Northern Freeze        75

2/14/2009 BGMR               57            Red Lake Fall s        77

Boy’s Hockey

2/12/2009 Roseau              3             TRF                          4

2/14/2009 Roseau                8             Brainerd                  1

2/17/2009 Roseau               7            I F                             3

2/10/2009 Warroad              6            GFC                         5

2/13/2009 Warroad              7             Bemidji                    2

2/17/2009 Warroad             5            LOW                         1


Girl’s Hockey

2/12/2009 Roseau               10           Park Rapids               0

2/16/2009 Roseau               5              Crookston                 1

2/16/2009 Warroad             7             EGF                `         1


2/17/2009 BGMR               50           Mahnomen/Wauburn   22

2/12/2009 Roseau               18            Crookston                  42



Warroad and Roseau Advance to Section 8A Girl's Hockey Final

Both Roseau County teams advanced to the Section 8A finals by defeating their opponents on Tuesday night, February 17th to set up the third game of the year between Warroad and Roseau in East Grand Forks on Thursday, February 19th.

        Megan Brettigan, Karley Sylvester and Lisa Marvin scored two goals apiece while Beth Olson added another as Warroad defeated East Grand Forks by a score of 7-1 in the 6:00 pm game. Nikki Heaser scored for EGF in the second period. Warroad outshot EGF 31-19 in the win.

        Roseau had balanced scoring as Abby Ness, Kylie Lane, Paige Moer, Mary Loken and Punky Sunsdall scored in their 5-1 win over Crookston. Crookston’s Shannon Kaiser scored in the first period for their only goal. Roseau had a 33-20 edge in shots on goal in the late game.


Warroad vs East Grand Forks Game Summary

Period 1:

 12:00-Warroad: Brook Story (30), assisted by Lisa Marvin and Megan Brettingen

Period 2:
:56 -Warroad Goal: Beth Olson (2) assisted by Layla Marvin
1:56 - Warroad Goal: Lisa Marvin (22) assisted by Brook Story and Megan Brettingen

3:37 -Warroad Goal: - Megan Brettingen (9) assisted by Lisa Marvin and Brook Story
10:05 -EGF Goal: - Nikki Heaser (1 ) assisted by Chelsey Grassel and Keeley Gregoire
10:16 - Warroad: Karley Sylvester Unassisted Warroad Goal (SH): 14:02 - Megan Brettingen (10) assisted by Brook Story and Karley Sylvester

Period 3:
7:19 - Warroad Goal: Karley Sylvester ( 32 ) Unassisted 

Shots on Goal:
Warroad: 31
EGF 19

Roseau vs Crookston Game Summary

Period 1:

8:00 -Roseau Goal: Abby Ness ( 29 ) assisted by Punky Sunsdahl ( 11 )

8:26 -Crookston Goal: Shannon Kaiser ( 22 ) Unassisted

Period 2:
7:03 - Roseau Goal: Kylie Lane ( 24 ) assisted by Breanna Janzen ( 23 ) 
11:16- Roseau Goal: Paige Moser ( 10 ), assisted by Megan Foley ( 10 )and Mary Loken ( 28 )

11:54 -Roseau Goal: Mary Loken ( 36 ), assisted by Kylie Lane ( 25 ) 

Period 3:

12:33 -Roseau Goal: Punky Sunsdall ( 5 ) from Emily Hallie ( 7 ) and Mary Loken ( 29 )

Shots on Goal:

Roseau vs Crookston in Wrestling

        Trailing by one point with five seconds remaining in the match, Connor MacGregor completed a reversal on unbeaten Javier Portillo and beat the Crookston wrestler 8-7. The showdown between the two ranked wrestlers was the highlight of the match that Crookston won 42-18. In the 285 pound class, John Heinen also continued his winning ways with an 11-2 decision over Nick Merten. Jesse Eastman, KylrMcCourt and  Travis Peterson were the other winners for Roseau. Six Crookston wrestlers, Zane Baranski, Ben Genereax, Mariano Portillo, Isaac Edlund, Brandon Reierson and Brody Davidson  had pins over their Roseau opponents.

PIRATES- 42 Roseau-  18     Winner  Results

103 lbs Nate Merten                 Jesse Eastman             Ros         7-3

112 lbs Zane Baranski              Zach Audette               Crox         Pin 1:50

119 lbs Ben Genereux              Jarek Ludwick             Crox         Pin 2:23

125 lbs Blake Bergeron            Kyle McCourt             Ros           11-4

130 lbs Javier Portillo               Connor MacGregor     Ros             8-7

135 lbs Mariano Portillo           Devon Peterson           Crox           Pin 2:42

140 lbs OPEN                        OPEN    

145 lbs Anthony Caputo          John Kruger                 Crox         11-6

152 lbs Cody Osland              Nate Constante             Crox          6-4

160 lbs Josh Edlund               Travis Pederson             Ros            16-1

171 lbs Isaac Edlund               Cole Buley                   Crox           Pin 1:11

189 lbs Brandon Reierson       Tyler Crabtree              Crox           Pin :32

215 lbs Brody Davidson         Ryan Karl                      Crox         Pin :22

275 lbs Nick Merten               John Heinen                   Ros          11-2

Picture of the Week


Where is this? This stream is one of the few that doesn’t start here. It is one of the tributaries of one of the major rivers in Roseau County.

Last week’s picture was taken on Roseau County Highway 13, looking north near the intersection with the summer road, Roseau County Highway 12.  The road across the flats has an inexplicable zig-zag which the slight telephoto lens enhances. One old-timer was incredulous when he found out where it was, saying, “I didn’t know there was a curve in that road!”


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