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Lady Hockey Warriors Appear at State


practice       The Warroad Girl’s Hockey Team represented Section 8A at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul on Wednesday, February 25th against Hutchinson in the first game of the tournament. The Lady Warriors rolled over the Lady Tigers 12-0 in their second appearance at a State Tourney.    

Left: The Warroad girls practice at the Gardens on Monday in preparation for their state tourney appearance.


    Warroad set a record with 54 shots on goal against 6 shots for Hutchinson.

     The  Warriors also tied the record for the number of goals scored in a game. Brook Story led the team with five goals and Karley Sylvester scored two goals. Also scoring were Lisa Marvin, Lindsay Goulet, Beth Olson, Megan Brettingen and Mariah Reinert.

coaches    The Lady Warriors face the Red Wing Wingers at the Xcel Energy Center on Friday morning, Feb. 27 at 11:00 am for their Semi final game.

Right: Coaches David Marvin and Rick McBride watch the girls practice.



Deer herd reduction efforts Start 

 (Article submitted by Tammi Jalowiec, MN DNR)

   deer on road   

Many deer are visible in the area as the deer  feed on roadside cedar
and balsam in eastern Roseau County


     Sharpshooters with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) are once again helping the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to further reduce the deer population in the bovine tuberculosis (TB) core area in northwestern Minnesota.

     The sharpshooting and disease-testing efforts will continue on the ground through the first part of April, aided for up to two weeks by an aerial deer removal operation scheduled for mid-March. Ground operations may be extended if warranted.

     "Our continued goal is complete eradication of bovine TB from Minnesota," said Ed Boggess, deputy director with the DNR Division of Fish and Wildlife. "The state's aggressive approach remains the best chance of relatively short-term actions achieving long-term benefits for wild deer and livestock in Minnesota."

    DNR helicopter surveys completed in early February show that there are about 660 deer, an estimated 4.1 deer per square mile, in the 164-square-mile bovine TB core area. Last year, similar helicopter surveys in the same area showed 800 deer, about five deer per square mile.

    During Feb-April 2008, ground and aerial sharpshooters took 937 deer from the core area. Six animals tested positive, bringing the total number of infected deer to 24 since surveillance efforts began in 2005.

    Also, landowners harvested 125 deer throughout the landowner/tenant shooting zone. None of these deer were positive for bovine TB. Final results should be available by mid-summer for the 1,246 hunter-harvested deer that that the DNR sampled during the 2008 fall hunting seasons.

    "The good news is that none of last year's hunter-harvested deer showed any obvious clinical signs of bovine TB, and the prevalence of disease remains low and is restricted to a small area," said Dr. Michelle Carstensen, DNR wildlife health program coordinator. “However, we obtained few samples from the bovine TB core area and there are still many deer in that area. We need to keep the pressure on these deer to reduce the risk of this disease becoming established in the herd.”

    Every infected deer was born on or before 2005, and has been taken within just five miles of a cluster of four bovine TB-infected cattle farms.

    Those interested in obtaining field-dressed carcasses that show no signs of infection can place their name on a waiting list by contacting Thief Lake Wildlife Management office at 218-222-3747

  For more on DNR’s TB eradication efforts go to

For more on the Minnesota Board of Animal Health’s overall coordination of the state bovine TB response, go to



Southwest Angle  

by Rob Crowe

      Needless to say, its been a busy week with all the events throughout the area. Anyone who says winter is boring hasn’t stepped out and into the arenas and gymnasiums or onto the lakes, racetracks and trails of the Southwest Angle. For those who don’t know, the Southwest Angle encompasses a lot of area. The borders are not definite, but if you are within a day’s driving distance of Roseen’s Corner, you just might be residing in the Southwest Angle.

     Ms Toyota was pressed into service to cover a couple of events for the paper last weekend. While I’m sorry to have to be responsible for imposing a Toyota on the local parking lots, it was necessary under the circumstances. 

    I looked on the Star-Tribune website last Sunday for the article on my brother Jody’s book, but it wasn’t there. I called him up and he told me that theStrib reporter said the story mix was wrong for Sunday; it should appear sometime soon. We’ll see. 

    Abby the dog and I spent Saturday afternoon in the metropolis of Strathcona watching the vintage snow-cat races. It looked like great fun. The races were only three laps long and most guys appeared to enter their sleds in multiple races. I guess maybe I’ll start building a racer  when I have the time, but this little newspaper seems to siphon up most of it so, at this time, it’s only a dream.

    The profit sharing check I received from the Blue Star was surprisingly large. It disappeared into Management’s hand the morning she took the Little Girls to Bemidji for a basketball tournament. Reports are that the Bemidji retail economy received a huge boost that day…

    The Lion’s Fly-In breakfast was pretty neat. Seeing the colorful ski planes lined up on the ice along side the landing strip brought back some memories. As a kid in the Civil Air Patrol, I worked at quite a few events where  airplanes were the focal point. This bunch of aircraft has to be one of the nicest displays I’ve seen gathered in one place. I’ll qualify that by saying I’ve never been to Oshkosh, but that’s a unique experience, I’ve heard.

    I forgot to take the old Mavica with me on Sunday morning but, fortunately, Jeff Parker loaned me a camera to record the Lion’s event. I was afraid he’d mistakenly give me one of his top secret government models and a couple of big dudes wearing earpieces and sunglasses would show up and take it away. Fortunately, it was a nice little Olympus that worked very well. Thanks, Jeff.

    David Johnson rode out with me to have lunch at the Pancake Logging Company headquarters in the tamarack swamp on Friday. There were about 10 fellows there for lunch that day. David told one of his famous stories about a new 1941 Chevy car and six skunks. If you have a few minutes, ask him to tell the story to you. I thought Ms Toyota was the authority on skunks, but if what David tells is true, skunks were a big money maker for the country boys of the by-gone era.

    Another good week in the Great North, see you next week!


t shirt barrell

black bear


Vintage Snowmobile Racing in Strathcona           

by Rob Crowe

checkered flag

Three racers finish a race at Strathcona on Saturday, Feb. 21st.

    The David Johnson Mini-series concluded in Strathcona on Saturday, Feb. 21st. The Strathcona races portion of theSLEDS Vintage Snowmobile Racing Association circuit were dedicated to the Polaris founder for his contributions to the sport over the years.

   five starters  46 different races were held over the course of the afternoon event. The race course is set up in Strathcona and this year is the 42nd consecutive year that snowmobile races have been held on the ice track. Race organizer Armand Westlund says, “There is only one track in the U S that has held races longer than Strathcona and that’s Eagle River, WI.Beausejour started before us but they missed three years.”

    Left: Mike Meagher leads the pack of liquid cooled racers into the first corner at the start of a race.  


    For the awards banquet after the races, David Johnson was the guest of honor and gave a ten minute speech to the assembled. The SLEDS Vintage Snowmobile Racing Association wraps up its season in Grey Eagle, MN on Feb. 28th.


Click on the picture for complete results!

cleaning traCK


Left: The track crew cleans up the track between races on Saturday.


Right: The ice chips fly as a pair of racers round corners one and two.


pit scene

Left: The scene in the pits before the races. A single cylinder Yamaha is heading out for some pre-race laps.



clayton adpolaris

Springsteel Resort/Warroad Chamber of Commerce Fishing Derby

     We had some pretty awesome fish this year,” says Warroad Chamber Executive Officer Donna LaDuke. “It worked out well to open up the whole lake for the Derby.”

    gal with northern The recent winter rain made preparation of a fenced contest difficult and precipitated the change to the format. The news was made public the Friday before the Derby although speculation about the change ran high among locals a couple of days previous to the event.

     As can be seen in the results, some large fish were entered; the winners in the northern and walleye being on the upper side of the slot limit. The winning walleye, caught by Brent Walsh of Roseau, was 8.8 lbs. The largest northern weighed 17.97 lbs and was taken by Leslie Morrison of Baudette.  

Complete results from the Warroad Chamber website are below.

Cassandra Ravendalen of Roosevelt with the 14.61 lb northern
that won her second prize at the Derby.


(Pictures submitted by the Warroad Chamber)


1 -- 8.8 – Brent Walsh - Roseau
2 -- 7.7 – Jason Wheats - TRF
3 -- 7.06 – Tim Bjerk - Roseau
4 -- 2.54 – Tim Rickhart

1 -- 17.97 – Leslie Morrison - Baudette
2 -- 14.61 – Cassandra Ravendalen - Roosevelt
3 -- 6.89 – Rod Kutter - Warroad
4 -- 5.50 – Louis Krueger

1 -- 1.65 – Randy Gerskavich - Warroad
2 -- 1.26 – Frank Janickie - Roseau
3 -- 1.17 - Cecilia Nelson
4  -- 1.15 – Rod Nesteby - Badger

1 -- 7.10 – Camille Hogenson - Warroad


1 - POLARIS RANGER 500 4X4 James Pederson – West Fargo, ND
2 - ARCTIC CAT F570 SNOWMOBILE Tim Stanislawski - Greenbush
(DONATED BY COCA COLA) Patty Brekke - Grygla
4 - POLARIS YOUTH SNOWMOBILE Brian Hulst - Crookston
5 - ARCTIC CAT YOUTH ATV Dick Letexier – Cavalier, ND
6 - 50 INCH PLASMA TV Arlo Ruud - TRF
7 - WEBER GAS GRILL (donated by MARVIN HOME CENTER) Mark Delisle -EGF
Dan Mckinnon - WRD                                                                                                                                                  

9 - 18 INCH CORDLESS 5/2 COMBO SET                                                                                                                                  Brent Walsh with his winning walleye.
Ernie Gieske - Greenbush
12 - BRADLEY SMOKER ORIGINAL (donated by WARROAD EAGLES CLUB) Mike Drangstviet - Goodridge
13 - LOWRANCE I-FINDER H20C GPS (donated by NORTHWEST BEVERAGE) Al Finstead – Excelsior, MN
14 - COLOR TV (donated by PEPSI) Patrick Gubbels - Baudette
15 - 4 PERSON 1 DAY FISH HOUSE RENTAL (donated by SPRINGSTEEL RESORT) Bill Donarski - Roseau
16 - BIG BUDDY HEATER (donated by HEATMOR) Becky Rantanen – Middle River
17 - 100 DOLLAR SPA CERTIFICATE (donated by REIKI SALON, SPA & FLORAL DESIGNS) Randy Johnson – Henson, ND
Karen Novacek - Greenbush
Marlin Olson - Wannaska
20 - BEAR LAWN ORNAMENT (donated by ALCO)
Stacy Bartinski - WRD

NOON – Emily Jensen - Warroad
12:15 – Terry Gotzman - Roseaurod kutter
12:30 – Dan Mckinnon - Warroad
12:45 – Don Corneliuson - Warroad
1:00 – Kenny Kjos - Greenbush
1:15 – David Blazek – Greenbush
1:30 – Jim Brooks - Salol
1:45 – Ryan Wold - Roseau
2:00 – Rod Nesteby - Badger
2:15 – Stella Blovat - Viking
2:30 – Bobby Anacabee - Warroad
2:45 – Tim Carlson – St. Hillaire
3:00 – Marlene Lay - Warroad
3:15 – Grant Pulkerbeck - Warren
3:30 – Brian Smith – Crookston

3:45 – Dennis Smedsmo – Roseau 
4:00 – Blair Saurdiff - Grygla                

                                                                                                                Corey Steinbach carefully records the weight of  Rod Kutter’s

                                                                                                                       northern as Steve LaDuke watches in the background.

subscription adval ad

Warroad Basketball 

 matt adams

 Warroad’s Matt Adams attempts a shot in the game as Warroad defeats Bagley 71-44 on Saturday, Feb 21.

Warroad at a timeout

Area High School Box Scores

Boy’s Basketball

2/19/2009 Roseau               51           East Grand Forks                  79

2/19/2009 Warroad            54           Grygla-Gatzke                       31

2/21/2009 Warroad            71           Bagley                                   44

2/24/2009 Warroad            58           KCC                                     63


Girl’s Basketball

2/19/2009 Roseau              53             GGG                                   40

2/21/2009 Roseau              65             KCC                                    64

2/19/2009 Warroad            49             LOW                                   55

2/20/2009 Warroad            59             Bagley                                  73


Boy’s Hockey

2/20/2009 Roseau              4              Grand Rapids                         2

2/24/2009 Roseau              10            Monticello                              0      


Girl’s Hockey

2/19/2009 Warroad            2             Roseau                                  1  

2/25/2009 Warroad           12            Hutchinson                            0



2/21/2009 BGMR             38             Crookston                             27

2/21/2009 BGMR              24            Frazee                                   41



North Border Harness Club Annual Log Pull         by Ms Toyota

        The North Border Harness Club held their annual logging event this past Saturday. The site was at the Pancake Logging Company landing just east of the Trout Stream; north of Bemis Hill a few miles and east into the tamarack swamp.

percheron team and belgian        The goal for the day was to have fun, but at the same time to make a few bucks for the club treasury. While the club is frugal, the funds are used for a couple of special projects. One is a scholarship fund that gives a yearly scholarship to a student that is looking to major in the equine or veterinarian field. Another is the annual dinner, held around Christmas time. A goal of the horse club is to encourage 4-H kids to learn both saddle and harness horsemanship.

Left: The Skoien Percherons and Ernie’s Belgian at the landing.

 Soon the fun began. Clayton and Lorna Skoein were there with a team of black Percherons. Their son Jeremy and wife Shannon brought out a single black Percheron all harnessed up and ready for work. These horses are well trained and often used for logging. Canadian Ray Culleton’s job was to fell the trees several hundred yards back in the woods.  Many skids of wood come down the crooked little trail, 3 or 4 logs per skid.

Ernie Meier brought a beautiful team of young Belgians. Being young and inexperienced, they were a little skittish. Ernie drove his horses around and about the landing, down the trails and past the saws to get them used to the new surroundings. In no time at all he was pulling in logs with the rest of them.

exchange student        Garry Langton and son Scott also had a nice pair of Belgians at the event. Garry, Scott and LeRoy Severson ended up on the landing sawing the trees into 100 inch lengths after the horses pulled them out of the woods.

Right: Italy exchange student Letizia Valluzzi with Ernie Meier and his Belgian

Since everyone needs a coffee break, Jackie Erickson was put in charge of the camp fire. He got the big old coffee pot ready to go but, for some reason it took Jackie a while to get the fire underneath it going. After coffee he continued to make stew for the crew in a big Dutch oven kettle hanging over the fire. Most found it was a nice warm place to stand and warm up.

Orin Swart didn’t bring a horse but he brought a chainsaw.  The fact that the chainsaw wouldn’t start didn’t bother Orin, he just proceeded to supervise the operation in hand. Fred Nix’s job was to top-load the black and yellow “Bumble Bee” (Clayton’s truck) up nice and straight, ready for delivery.

lunchtime        There were a few spectators through out the day. Neighbors John and Diane Kehrwald come down along with their company from Colfax, ND, Diane’s brother Paul Hendrickson and wife, Sue. The Hendricksons brought Letizia Valluzzi, a senior exchange student, with them. Letizia is from Rome, Italy and she found the proceedings quite interesting since she had not seen anything like this before. Several pictures of her with and on the horses were taken; these will be fun to bring back home to her family in Italy.

Though not without mishap, it was a good day with no injuries. The closest thing to disaster was when one team bolted and heading east through the tamarack. Fortunately, the horseman and horses were OK.. Food, drink and camaraderie were all great and plans are already in progress for next year’s event.


 A break in the action to eat Jackie’s stew...

Wannaska Lion’s Fishing Derby              by Ms Toyotacontest scene

Wannaska Lion’s Club hosted their annual Fishing Derby at Hayes Lake State Park on Sat., Feb. 21. About 200 anglers attended, including many families, to enjoy the beautiful day.

Houses were spread all over the lake with snowcats and wheelers buzzing back and forth as the contest progressed.  On the lake, the Lion’s set up a warm tent for weighing the catches while on the beach, the North Country Trailblazers set up their portable food booth with warm food and drinks for sale.

Prize drawings were held through out the day. Many perch were caught, but not much for size so the name of each successful perch angler was put in a hat and the winners were drawn from that.

John Medicraft, Lion’s president, handed out the prizes after the derby and told of the activities of the Lion’s. He said that they give out three scholarships in Roseau and support families who’ve lost their homes to fire or victims of cancer. He mentioned that the club sponsors Seeing Eye Dogs and the Lion’s Eye Bank. Their next event is a benefit for Jim Grugal at the Wannaska School.

Winners List


1st – Glen Butler

2nd – Devere Chapmannorthern



1st -  Christine Johnson - 4 lb.

2nd - Al Alten

3rd – Travis Foss


Perch (by lot,

1st-Jean Foss

2nd-Sharon Wolf

3rd-Brent Hagen


Bass (by lot, none caught)                                                                         Travis Foss from Grygla with his 3rd place northern.

 Holton Greeley

Reg Schafer


Other Prizes

1st-Buena Vista Ski Package- Al Alton

2nd-Casino Package-Betty Schalstad

3rd-18 volt Dewalt drill-Jim Foss

4th-Lowrance GPS & Highway Navigator- Ward Anderson

5th-$150.00 gas card-Leeland Dahlquist

Youngest fisherman- Rylee Habiger.

Oldest fisherman - Earl Johnson


Picture of the Week

deer in road

A deer occupies the road in front of a pictorial evergreen canopy. Where is this?


Last week’s picture was taken of Mud Creek, looking east from the bridge on County 310 north of Roseau. According to Trapper, the stream originates in Canada and flows south to the RoseauRiver.


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