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The Water Rises, but no Major Flooding


     Mild weather and rainfall over the last week swelled the rivers and prompted area officials to set up their sand bagger octopuses in anticipation of severe water problems. While some homes in  the Warroad Estates area needed to be sandbagged, the rain turned to snow and the mercury plunged to near zero by Thursday, slowing the water flow. The Roseau river crested at over 20 feet above flood stage in Roseau within hours of the predictions, then fell slowly, while still remaining at high flood levels. Water rose up over several area roads as the roads served their secondary use as dikes to slow the rush of water to the rivers. Other areas of Roseau County are experiencing high waters. To the southwest, Fargo and Moorhead are facing record flood levels but, for now, Roseau and Warroad have escaped major flooding.


Southwest Angle  

by Rob Crowe


     One can almost believe that in its past, this area was part of a lake. As Management says, in the spring, the roads here are like causeways. For the un-initiated, causeways are the roads that connect the mainland with the outer barrier islands along coastlines,picture like on the east coast of Florida. The accompanying picture was taken south of Roseau near where highway 89 intersects County 2. Where just recently the snowmobiles were racing in the ditches, a boat would be a more appropriate conveyance at the time of the picture.

     Its been a tough week on many in the area. We mourn the passing of Jack Marvin, Allen Ellenson, Wayne Windahl and Jeremy Windahl.

Friends speak of Jack Marvin as one who helped out many who worked in the woods, advancing them money to buy equipment and buying their pulp.

Allen Ellenson is a former Warroad resident who, co-incidentally, worked  Jack’s farm west of Warroad in years past before moving to the Northwest Angle. He was driving a dump truck on the lake and went through the ice on a pressure crack.

Wayne and Jeremy Windahl were snowmobiling near Cyclone Island with a friend and went through the ice. The friend tried to get back to help them, but got in trouble himself. He did manage to get back to good ice and went for help, but by the time help arrived, the two had gone under.

Our regards go out to the friends and relatives of the four. They will be missed. If you are on the lake, be careful. While most of the lake has nearly three feet of ice, some areas are always suspect due to the natural currents. It could happen to any of us who travel the lake.

For those who are keeping track of this publication, I’d like to report that some of the newspapers are printed with a color laser printer that Heatmor gave us a while back. They were phasing out a HP 1600 so Ms Toyota made arrangements for me to pick it up along with several toner cartridges. Its been very beneficial. I still print out many copies with food coloring but the laser printer is much faster. Thanks, Heatmor. 

This edition is a little late, partially because I had to do some needed maintenance on Dick’s old Buick. I replaced the front brakes last week and rotated the tires. The car also had a nasty shimmy. I found the left front tire was badly worn; a bad ball joint was the culprit. I had bought a new ball joint a while back, so decided the job had to be done. Naturally, nothing seemed to co-operate so the job ended up being a two-dayer. Management was without wheels Wednesday night, but didn’t need the car since the storm caused many cancellations. I figure the old Buick is increasing in value with all the new parts…

Danny Dybedahl stopped by my work station at the Blue Star the other night and said he was looking for a one row potato planter. He claims to be the best vegetable farmer in...Malung, anyway. He wanted to get the word out about needing a potato planter. Danny also says he raises the best tasting corn. If you think yours is better, let me know. I think I see the starting of a major corn tasting contest…

I spent last Sunday on the big lake on my annual ice fishing outing. I did get a lot of ice, but no fish. The two little girls I had along really enjoyed their day. I had forgotten my sunglasses, so we stopped at the Warroad Dollar Savers store and all three of us bought $2.00 sunglasses. They looked cool on the girls and worked great. Katelyn even tried to take hers to school the next day.  A trip on the lake is always an experience with the wide variety of fish house types and transportation means that will be seen.

Another week in the Great North, see you next week!


t shirt barrell

black bear


Twenty-five Cent Breakfast

The annual 25 cent breakfast in Badger, sponsored by CHS and the Border State Bank, is a can’t miss affair. Parking is scarce, but for a full ham and eggs breakfast with a muffin and coffee or other beverage, a small price to pay in more ways than one.

     The Community Center was nearly full with folks from all over the county on Tuesday, March 17 for this year’s event. For those who want to know, the 25 cent price represents the farmer's share of the breakfast based on the commodity prices in past years. 



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Area Up and Comers 

Here are some pictures of a fourth grade girl’s team from Roseau that traveled to Crookston on a recent Saturday to play in their tournament. The team placed third in the tournament.  

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Track Results

Little Amik Indoor Track Meet

(Warroad results submitted by Rick McBride)
Bemidji State University Tuesday March 24, 2009

Overall Girls Results  (17 schools)
Bagley-Fosston 69.5
Wadena 63
East Grand Forks 62
Crookston 58.5
Park Rapids 56
Warroad 9th  31.5

Warroad Results

55 Meter Dash  Deidre Hahn 3rd 8.03
200 Meter Dash Hahn 3rd  29.35
400 Meter Dash Hahn 2nd 66.45
3200 Meter Run Tara Buss 8th 16:46
55 Meter  Hurdles Jenna Thompson 6th 10.64
4 x 400 Meter Relay 7th 4:59.55  (Kayla Colden, Savanah Perkins, Cassie Demmerly, Lynn Astrup)
Long Jump  Hahn 3rd  14’ 6”

Overall Boys Results
Roseau 91
Frazee 88
Int’l. Falls 64
Pequot Lakes 47
Park Rapids 41
Warroad 37

Warroad Boys Results
800 Meter Run Moses Heppner 1st 2:00.51
                            Joey Olson 7th 2:19.82
1600 Meter Run Moses Heppner 1st 4:28.64
                               Solomon Heppner 5th 5:07.39
                               Joey Olson 8th 5:12.70
3200 Meter Run Solomon Heppner 5th 11:49.19

4 x 400 Meter Relay 3rd 3:56.18  (Ryan Maxwell, Moses Heppner, Joey Olson Solomon Heppner)

Roseau Results

(from Bemidji State Amik Results)

Girl’s: Roseau Team placed 6th -     53.5 
800 Meter : 2nd Pahlen, Janae       2:29.67    
1600 Meter: 3rd Smebak, Leslie               6:06.17    
3200 Meter: 
5th Smebak, Leslie                      14:09.52    
7th Nygren, Renee'                      15:10.47
4x400 Meter Relay: 4th Roseau  'A'       4:43.78   
Pole Vault:: 3rd Mlodzik, Kristin          7-06.00    
Long Jump: 6th Gracza, Rose               14-05.00      
Triple Jump: 
4th Erickson, Katie                      29-11.25     
5th Kelly, Hayley                         29-10.50      
Boy’s Results : Roseau Team placed 1st. 
200 Meter Dash: 5th Hebel, Tylor          25.39         
400 Meter Dash: 
          1st Nelson, Kodi          55.50   
          6th Kriel, Gannon        56.37   
          8th Hagen, Cory           57.65   
3200 meter:  6th Stein, Jesse                   11:54.49    
55 Meter Hurdles: 3rd Vatnsdal, Eric     9.05   
4 x 200 relay: 4th Roseau  'A'                  1:44.14   
High Jump: 7th Fevold, Jordan               5-04.00       
Pole Vault: 3rd Gross, Sam                    10-06.00    
Long Jump: 
4th Robinson, Zach                     17-04.00       
7th VanDeWege, Caleb                  16-10.00      
Triple Jump: 2nd Hebel, Tylor               36-09.25    
Shot Put: 
1st Heinen, John                        47-00.00     

2nd Timmersman, Jordan           45-03.00 


 Warroad Flood Fighting Efforts


    Warroad Firefighters turned into water-fighters last week. Among other things, an over-abundance of water on the golf course at the Warroad Estates threatened several houses so the fellows took it upon themselves to construct sandbag levees around the threatened homes. One of the homeowners was still away for the winter so it was fortunate that they were looking out for his interests.

     “The guys were at it until midnight Monday night and back at it early Tuesday morning,” said water-fighter wife Penny Kimble, as she was manning the phones to get volunteers to help sandbag. 

     As a Farmer’s Union Pickup was pulling an empty trailer away from the scene of the sandbagging effort, water-fighter Steve LaDuke mentioned, “We loaded that trailer up last night and kept it inside for the job this morning. We’re done for now…”

Whatever the case, one knows they’ll be ready for whatever comes...



Lake of the Woods Scene

pictureA late season ice fishing trip with the Shooting Sports 4-H Club out on the Lake of the Woods is always interesting. The snow is melting and re-freezing into ice, so pickups and SUV’s could travel almost everywhere, as did almost every other type of conveyance including a motorcycle. The ice measured about three feet thick and the fishing, well, it could have been  better. Several small fish were caught only to be sent back to the depths to grow some more. Three little walleye for eight fishermen were kept, but, aside from the wind, it was a great day to be out.

     The major excitement of the day was provided when the occupants of a canvas house stepped out for some fresh air and conversation only to see the wind cartwheel their shelter a hundred yards or so across the ice. The kids happily chased it down and hauled it back.

It was also a day that many of the fish houses were being towed off the lake. Snowmobiles, tracked SUV’s, pickups, Suburbans, all were on the move towing loads of divers sorts off the big lake.

Now, wait for the ice to melt so the boating season can start...



Picture of the Week

white pines

This old farmstead has seen its share of rising water. Where is it?


Many people immediately recognized that last week’s picture was taken from the top of Bemis Hill, looking northwest...



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