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Weather Still Dominates...


     Is it coming or isn’t it? Spring, I mean. The flood waters have receded, for the time being as several snowstorms have replaced the rain and warm weather. One could be tricked into thinking that March is just arriving rather than leaving. I can’t even remember if it came like a lion and left like a lamb or vice a versa, or if the lamb ever was a part of the equation... Whatever the case, the weather seems to be moderating even if Wormy, Ronnie and the rest of the area snowplow drivers are still regularly honing their snowplowing skills.
     Thankfully, the flood waters seem to have receded somewhat for our Fargo/Moorhead neighbors without any major levee failures, although one school was heavily damaged in the one major dike leak. 
On the bright side, the sleet/snow/frost/sunshine sequence makes for some great photograph opportunities so enjoy some samples from the Southwest Angle News and Views staff here and on the back page.


Southwest Angle  

by Rob Crowe

     I think I’ve found the world’s ugliest Sno-Cat. I didn’t have to go far, Trapper has it stored up near the rafters in his shed, in amongst the old tires and used fuel filters. It is a true Pol-Cat, an old picturePuma with a little twin Star engine. A real beauty, this one has a huge steel plate bolted on the front bumper for some reason or other, the broken windshield bale-wired together and the hood vents duct taped over. Surprisingly, the seat upholstery is more or less intact.

     Legend is that Trapper was running his trap line in the ancient past with this classic when he ran into Edgar Hetteen on the Beltrami Forest trails. Edgar was escorting some people he wanted to impress and wasn’t too glad to see Trapper running this particular version of Arctic Cat. Trapper says Edgar looked it over, wagged his head and said, “Small wonder we can’t sell any new ones…”

If you think you can top this one, let me know. It’ll be hard to do. The little Star engine still turns over, so don’t be surprised to see this one at a vintage event next year.

I have the full account of the Minnesota Hill Challenge up on the website now. Just go to and click on the multi-colored Polaric Colt to see lots of pictures and my ramblings. LeRoy Norstebon also alerted me that there are some videos of the races on YouTube.

I had to go in to see my friend Ralph at Countryside Tire. The Aerostar was becoming a bear to drive, taking near Hurculean force to keep it from veering into the other lane. Once he had a tire off, he commented on the belt separation and asked if I was having problems. I should have told him, “no, it drives just fine,” and let him wonder, but told the him the truth. A new set of Firestones cleared up the handling, although Ralph did have some problems installing  the one hubcap I had left...

A recent severe head cold has caused Management some grief. She didn’t have it, I did. I can’t take credit for this one, but as the saying goes, Management has an easier time taking care of all three little girls with the flu than taking care of me when I have a hangnail...

I made it into the Warroad Dairy Queen at an opportune time last week. Veterans Service Officer Jeff Parker was buying all the fellas sundaes because of a recent birthday. Thanks for the hot fudge, Jeff. Jake was there trying to call all his buds to come over and partake to inflate Jeff’s bill. I left before someone noticed that I hadn’t yet bought for my birthday this year. Got to keep up my image of a moocher. John Heneman was there, fit and ready for battle, back from the banker’s convention in Arizona. He and Parker claim they almost ran into each other out there, but each can tell a whopper so I couldn’t take that one to the bank.

I finally figured out where John McCain went wrong. He didn’t have the right campaign manager. He should have had Harvey Corneliusen. On township election day, ol’ Harvey was running a stealth write-in campaign for Mark Harder for one of the Lake Township supervisor positions. You should see the guy crank an arm! He proudly reports that his candidate won, so expect him to be hitting the national election scene any time now.

Another week in the great north, see you next week!


t shirt barrell

black bear



Do you know your tractors?   
By Rob Crowe

(This trivia quiz is excerpted and edited from a column that appeared in the Aitkin Independent Age)

     Trivia. I’ve never been much for a trivia quiz.
     You know, the ones in the newspapers where some Ivy League professor of something or other makes up a little quiz for the general public about some obscure “cultural” subject, then rates the intelligence and skill level of the reader by the number of questions he/she got right. Since I think there is more to culture than what comes out of the Ivy League, I took the time to think up a little trivia quiz for myself.
    My own trivia quiz is this: At one time, I had four tractors in my yard. The model designations of the tractors are: A, 400, 3010, 4500; three major brands were represented. Please answer these questions about the tractors. Warning, take your time:

1. Which tractor was manufactured during World War II? ___

2. Which two tractors are green with yellow wheel rims? ___  _____

3. One tractor is red, which one is it? _____

4. One night I had to take the carburetor off the diesel, which tractor was I working on? _____

5. One tractor is a descendent of the vaunted 8-N. It is a yellow industrial model with a backhoe and loader. Which one is it? ______
6. Which two tractors have separate small gas tanks for starting purposes? ___  _____

7. All of the tractors can run on some form of diesel, but which three of the tractors are called diesels?_____ _____ _____

8. How many spark plugs amongst the four tractors? ___

9. How many diesel injectors amongst the 4 tractors? _____

10. Which tractor has a 10-speed automatic transmission? _____

11. Which tractor has a torque amplifier? _____

    For most of the males in the Southwest Angle, this quiz is probably fairly simple, with a little thought you could work through it, a simple challenge. Even if you aren’t familiar with all the tractors, using the process of elimination, you can figure out the answers. The rest of the populace probably has no clue.
    Like the trivia professor, I’ve probably managed to stump a good share of the readers on at least one question. The point, probably none since this would be far more effective if the quiz was published in an eastern newspaper with circulation in an Ivy League University town. As it is, I’m sure most of you tractor gear heads will rise to the challenge and ace the test. Note: Don’t use the hints unless you really need to because use of same carries a heavy penalty...

Hint #1 for tractor quiz: the above tractors are listed in order of age, oldest first.
Hint #2 for tractor quiz: many early tractors were designed to start on gasoline, then switch over to run on a different fuel.
Hint #3 for tractor quiz: One tractor has two cylinders, one has three cylinders, two have four cylinders.

(Answers and Score ratings after the new arrival story)



Farmclayton ad



Wanted—Single Row Potato planter. Contact Danny Dybedahl -424-7230

For Sale—Big Round Bales Second, Crop Alfalfa. Contact Ms Toyota -689-4841


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Bovine TB Update: Enhanced Feed Ban Rule Delayed 

Submitted by MNBAH

     The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Feed Ban Enhancement rule that was expected to go into effect on April 27, 2009 has been delayed 60 days to allow additional time for public comment. The rule prohibits the rendering of cattle over the age of 30 months from being used in any animal food products, including pet foods, without first having the brains and spinal cords removed. This rule will affect how cattle carcasses and by-products will be rendered nationwide.

     Packers, renderers, and stakeholders have worked to delay implementation of the new rule due to hardships already experienced in preparation for the change. The rendering industry has made commendable strides to accommodate the needs of Minnesota’s cattle producers.

Rendering services are expected to continue as usual thanks to the industry’s foresight and procedural adaptations. On-farm pick up service will still be available in Minnesota with an additional fee for cattle over 30 months of age. The Minnesota Board of Animal Health and the Department of Agriculture are working to educate the state’s producers on alternatives to handling on-farm mortalities, such as composting.

Details on the comment period and how to submit a comment are forthcoming. For questions about on-farm pickup services, please contact your rendering company. You can find more information about the rendering rule at

Minnesota Board of Animal Health

Keeping Records

Submitted by MNBAH


pictureProducers in the MA Zone are urged to have a current herd inventory available at the time of whole-herd TB testing. As part of the agreement between the State of Minnesota and the USDA to maintain Split State Status, the Board of Animal Health must account for any changes in inventories for herds located in the MA Zone from year to year. Please be sure to list all natural and purchased herd additions, and account for any animals that have left your herd since your last whole herd test.

Included with this newsletter is an inventory worksheet; copies of the worksheet were also included in the MA Zone producer binder. To order additional worksheets, please contact the TB Hotline.


subscription adval ad

Track Results

Submitted by Rick McBride

Paul Bunyan Invitational Indoor Meet
Saturday March 28, 2009
Bemidji State University

Girls Results:
Grand Rapids 161
Bagley/Fosston 99.5
Staples-Motley 75.5
Bemidji 73
Crookston 71.5
Warroad 51
Ottertail Central 33
Fertile-Beltrami 12.5

Warroad Results
4 x 800 Meter Relay 8th (Morgan Richert, Susie Heppner, Gretta Brunnell, Tara Buss)
55 Meter Dash Kailee Ogden 3rd
                            Keidre Hahn 5th
400 Meter Dash Hahn 2nd
                              Ogden 4th
1600 Meter Run Brunnell 7th
4 x 200 Meter Relay 8th (Kayla Colden, Cassie Demmerly, Savannah Perkins, Michelle Erickson)
200 Meter Dash Hahn 4th
                              Ogden 5th
3200 Meter Run Tara Buss 7th
                               Morgan Richert 8th
4 x 400 Meter Relay 7th (Demmerly, Colden, Brunnell, Perkins)
Long Jump Hahn 5th
High Jump Julia Fisher & Michelle Erickson tied 7th

Boys Results
Grand Rapids 178
Bemidji 172
Ottertail Central 53
Bagley/Fosston 41
Fertile-Beltrami 40
Crookston 39
Staples-Motley 30
Warroad 17

Warroad Results
400 Meter Dash Kirby Paradis 8th
4 x 200 Meter Relay 7th (Cassidy Olson, Jordan Hahn, Lucas Gunnafson, Paradis)
4 x 400 Meter Realy 7th (Olson, Jon Saurdif, Brady Wilmer, Ryan Maxwell)
Shot Put Aaron Denault 6th
Pole Vault Cassidy Olson 2nd
                   Jon Saurdif 8th


Home on the Ranch...a new Arrival.



    Emily and Shea Novak of rural Falun Township reported to Grandma Karolyn Roseen that Dad’s horse gave birth to a colt on March 31st at 8:30 PM. Mother is a registered Quarter Horse named Autumn, a pretty palomino with light spots across her front shoulders. 

    As of yet, the colt is unnamed. Shea and Emily are the children of Todd and Berdinya Novak.




pictureAnswers to Tractor  Quiz

1. A;  2. A; 3010;  3. 400;  4. 400;  5. 4500;  6. A, 400;  7. 400, 3010, 4500;  8. 6;  9. 11;  10. 4500. 11. 400.

Explanation: The oldest tractor is a two cylinder John Deere A, built about 1944, the second tractor is a Farmall 400 diesel, unique in that it starts as a gasoline engine and then switches over to run as a diesel, has 4 spark plugs and 4 fuel injectors. The torque amplifier actually worked after I rebuilt it with rollers fashioned from the chain links of an 851 New Holland baler. The third tractor is a John Deere 3010 - 4 cylinder diesel row crop and the fourth tractor is a Ford 4500 Industrial—3 cylinder diesel, 10 speed Select-o-matic with loader and backhoe.

Now for the rating: Guys

100% correct, no use of the hints - I’d considered this average for a Guy in good standing in the Southwest Angle until Trapper and sidekick Earl both blew the test. Give yourself a Superior rating. Trapper’s Missus is looking for sources for buying a Nebraska Tractor Tests manual...

80% or better - Pretty doggone good anywhere else, study up to get up to par here…

60% -80% - Buy a Nebraska Tractor Tests manual and get studying

Below 60% – You didn’t grow up here

Used the hints—Buy a Nebraska Tractor Tests manual and get studying


100% - You must be Bethany Erickson

Showed it to the man in your life and he scored 100 % - Superior rating.

Scored better than the male in your life – Buy him a Nebraska Tractor Tests Manual, but he has to take you to all the 2009 Tractor pulls within 120 miles or other Ag events of your choosing.

Any other score – Great effort, thanks for trying.

If you need extra credit to bring up your average score, write up a great trivia quiz about Southwest Angle culture and send it in, you know the address.


Sharp-tailed “dancers” to perform...

    From the MN-DNR—MARCH 31, 2009 -    Sharp-tailed “dancers” to perform near Lake Bronson State Park – Reserved seating available

     The sharp-tailed grouse will be returning to their lek, or dancing grounds, near Lake Bronson State Park this spring to perform their annual courtship dance. Spectators, who make reservations and arrive early, will have front row seats to the annual spring spectacle. 

     From early April to mid-May, up to 25 male sharptails are expected to gather daily in the grassy opening to dance and attract a mate. The males will find a small territory on the dancing ground, with the most dominant closest to the center. They will dance, stamping in circles, while the females strut around looking for the best dancer.

“It’s a fascinating and often comical display,” said Pete Harrison, Lake Bronson State Park assistant manager. “Our viewing blind offers an ideal vantage point from which to witness the entire ritual. The dancing usually begins just before sunrise and continues for about two and a half hours.”

The blind can accommodate three to four adults, or one adult with up to five children. It may be reserved at no charge for any day of the week by calling the park office. Only one reservation is available per day, so early reservations are recommended.

Each group will receive an information packet via mail or e-mail prior to their reservation. Spectators need to be in the blind at least 45 minutes before sunrise. They should dress warmly and are encouraged to bring binoculars and/or a camera. There are no seats in the blind, so individuals should also bring a kneeling pad or bucket to sit upon.

To make a reservation, call Lake Bronson State Park at 218-754-2200. For more information about sharp-tailed grouse, visit

Lake Bronson State Park is located two miles east of the town of Lake Bronson in northwestern Minnesota. The park access is on County Highway 28.

Media contacts: Colleen Coyne, DNR communications director, 651-259-5023; Pete Harrison, Lake Bronson State Park assistant manager, 218-754-2200.


Picture of the Week

mystery picture

Whose Red Barn, freshly re-painted last summer, is seen here on a bright, frosty morning?


Last week’s picture was taken from County Highway 28 just northwest of the old Malung Town Hall looking west toward the Mitterling homestead.

Another Scene


The Flags and frosty trees in the little park east of the river in Roseau after the snow storm.

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