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High Water to the North

        Were one to stay south of Roseau, it would be easy to think the spring high waters were over. A trip up 89 to Ross changes that perception where as of April 25th the Roseau River was about a mile wide. Along County highway 310 directly north of Roseau, one would encounter three miles of seeming causeway. Thousands of waterfowl could be seen enjoying the situation, however the human inhabitants were manning the pumps along their dikes to lower the water levels. 
        Resident Rich Coffman, who lives on 370th Avenue along the new diversion ditch, says that the water level finally started dropping by midweek. “I moved here in 1983 and we didn’t have any flooding until 1996,” he stated, “since then, it’s flooded every year.”
Three miles north of Roseau where 340th street crosses the river, it is well within its banks. The affected area is along where Hay Creek, Mud Creek and Pinecreek flow into the Roseau river which may have some bearing on the situation. 


Southwest Angle  

by Rob Crowe


        I’m on a pretty good streak. Two weeks and two auctions but no purchases. Yes, I actually did get a bidder number at each auction in case I saw something I really just had to own, but was able to control my impulses.

        This last auction was the Grunig auction at Badger. Most of you probably know much more than me about the father and daughter who bought a farm and many acres northwest of Badger and provided employment for dozens of folks over the years on their various projects. I first encountered the place on one of my many excursions around the county the year we moved up here. The two old barns and other huge out buildings struck me as unique and I wondered what kind of place that was. Later, I met someone who had worked there and he had many stories to tell about the operation. Actually, nearly everyone I meet here will have a Grunig story if I ask. That being the case, it was a given that I had to record the event of the auction when it came up.


Had I been able to read German, I might have known a bit more about what I was looking at on many of the items. While much of the equipment was American made, a good share of it apparently came from Germany. For instance, the 1640 and 3140 John Deeres were European models that were never listed as tested at the Nebraska tests. I didn’t stick around long enough to see any of the equipment sold; they were still very slowly working their way through the tons of spare parts and other stuff when I left. A coworker at the Blue Star who stuck around longer than I did told me that the FW-40 tractors sold pretty cheap. The rubber was worn and they were well used so the price is not too surprising. 


Trees  were growing up through some of the implements in the back lots so a chain saw would be a necessity for successful extraction of some of the purchases.

I left there and went over to check on the Roseau River at Ross. Management had to ferry one of the Little Girls up to the rifle range that morning and called me to tell me that I had to see the water north of Roseau. It was amazing to see the virtual lake the area had become. I had a trailer behind the Aerostar so it wasn’t the easiest thing to tour around, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

About the trailer, I didn’t have it because I figured on hauling something home from the auction. This is embarrassing to admit, but I bought a Chevrolet. Clayton Skoien had a ‘94 K-1500 4x4 with the 6.5 turbo-diesel that he’d been having some troubles with. He drove it to work and it wouldn’t start for him on Thursday night when he went to go home. He figured it was the pump and didn’t want to spend $800 for a new one. I found out about it on Friday since I was going to borrow the Chev and a trailer to haul Amber the horse to the fairgrounds for shots.


To make a long story short, I asked him what he was going to do about the pickup. He mentioned the possibility of selling it. I asked him how much and he said $200. Since that falls into the category of a deal even a Ford guy can’t pass up, I said I’d buy it. I loaded it up on the trailer on my way home from the auction and carefully hauled it back to Roseen’s Corner.

I did get it started up and drove it around a bit, but it has an intermittent stalling problem. Fortunately, it stalled in the yard so I haven’t had to hoof it. Anyway, when I get it running reliably, the official position is that  I’m looking to trade it off for a Ford…

Sunday, Management, the Little Girls and I attended The Warroad Community Church and then went over to attend another benefit put on by the Warroad Eagles Auxiliary. The gals there do a great job on helping out those in need. Good service, food and company on a Sunday afternoon to start out the week right.

Another week in the Great North, see you next week!


t shirt barrell

black bear

Roy and his 185 Allis

By Rob Crowe

         Roy was a product of a small town in north central Minnesota. The town’s name is insignificant except to its residents; it could be any small rural Minnesota town. His name really should have been Toriseva, but sometime in the past it had been changed to something more Scandahovian, a common one, the Baptist with a son attached.
        He was long gone from the home place, an educator, principal of a local elementary school an hour’s drive to the north of the home place. His friends will tell you he is always appreciative of a good joke. Roy still farmed, a little rock farm at the edge of the town he worked in, instilling in his kids the necessity of being close to the land, most of his work was done from the seat of a narrow front WD.
Roy was pretty tight - when he was done with a vehicle, there was not much left. His long-suffering wife drove a battered Suburban for more than a decade, putting over 300,000 miles on it. Frugal Roy, whenever it showed a rust spot, would rub some grease on it to keep it from spreading, much to the chagrin of anyone who chanced to come into contact with it.
    It was with some surprise we, his friends and relatives, noticed that Roy had decided to upgrade. We didn't know why, the old WD was still running OK, no mean feat for an old Allis Chalmers. Maybe it was because one of us had a couple of bigger tractors, a 180 and a 200, or maybe because another was riding around on a 3010, but anyway Roy decided he had to get "one of the big ones," big for this area of 10-20 cow beef farms.
    A trip was made to the south and Roy came home with a beauty, or at least a beauty for those who loved orange. A 185 with a cab, low hours and when it ran, the six cylinder diesel sound drove deep into Roy's soul.
    This being hay country and the purchase being made in early spring, there was a slight problem. Roy didn't have any field work to do with the tractor. He didn't even feed round bales, thriftily sticking with square bales, so he couldn't use it to feed the cows. Most of the time, he had to limit himself with driving around the yard on an imagined task when no one was looking.
cartoon    There were several occasions, however, when the aforementioned friends just happened to come over to see the new arrival. Roy would take them out to the shed and show them the new baby, sooner or later starting it up for the visitor and listening to the sweet sound of the exhaust. As brother Henry tells it, "Roy had 50 hours on the 185 before he ever hooked it up to anything."
    About this time, son Lucas graduated from high school, and Roy and his wife put on one of their classic parties. The yard was filled with family and friends - the 185 sat in the barn untouched. We didn't know if Roy was too busy playing host or what. Anyway the 185 didn't get started that day, a fact that didn't go unnoticed. The grad party was a great success.
    The next morning in church Roy, being church elder, was in charge of the praise and prayer section of the service and he asked for praises. The previously mentioned 3010 owner seized on the opportunity and said, "I thank the Lord that Roy didn't start up the 185 at Lucas' party yesterday."
    The words were said quietly, like a private joke. Roy didn't repeat them for the congregation as was the custom. The smile that came on his face that day was priceless, as I said, Roy always appreciated a good joke, even if it was on him.
    Many years have passed and a couple of years back Roy finally spent the money for a big round baler to give his 185 a little bit of work to do. Word is that it is a nice 853 New Holland, one wonders how many hours Roy put that before baling a bale ...

This story appeared in the Aitkin Independent Age a couple of years ago, but updated for this publication...

Warroad Lost River Sportsmen Complex Event

    The Warroad Lost River Sportsmen Complex will be hosting a .22 rimfire silhouette match, a .22 game trail event, kids airsoft and a membership drive at the range on Saturday, May 9th starting at 1:00 pm.

        The .22 silhouette shoot consists of 10 shots each at chicken, pig, turkey and ram steel silhouettes from 25, 50, 75 and 100 yards, respectively. Each group of 5 silhouettes is shot from 4 positions – standing, kneeling, sitting and prone.

        The game trail consists of 12 small animal targets situated in the brush and trees along a walking trail. The hunter walks with a guide and has to spot and shoot the targets safely. The key is safety so watch out for Elmer Fudd!

    pictureAt the airsoft range, kids will learn safety first and then be able to shoot. An adult will be supervising the event at all times. All airsoft guns, ammo and eye protection will be provided by the club.

    All you’ll need to participate in the .22 events is a .22 rimfire rifle, a couple of boxes of shells, ear protection & eye protection. Plenty of help is available for beginners and safety is stressed. You can borrow a .22 if you don’t bring one. Shells will be available for sale at the range. Come and see what it’s all about and, if you like what you see, you can join in. To cover costs, there is a $5.00 fee for members and a $7.00 fee for nonmembers for the silhouette shoot and a $2.00 member fee and a $4.00 nonmember fee for the game trail. Come out and have fun!

    Immediately following the shoots (app. 5:00 pm) we are having a burger and brat feed. You don’t have to participate in the shoots to eat. The meal is free to all members and available to non-members for $5.00 each. Membership applications will be available throughout the day so, if you join, you eat free! Buy a family membership and you AND your family (under 21) eat free. What a great way to support the club while saving a little money. Join us for a bonfire after cleanup. Bring your lawn chair and help us close out a great day.

    To facilitate setup and safety, the range will be closed to open shooting after 11:00 am on Saturday, May 9th.



Farmclayton ad



Wanted—Single Row Potato planter. Contact Danny Dybedahl -424-7230

For Sale—Big Round Bales Second, Crop Alfalfa. Contact Ms Toyota -689-4841


clayton adpolaris

Benefit for Kodiak's Mom

        On Sunday, April 26th, the Warroad Eagles Auxiliary #4195 held a benefit for Deb Nelson at the Warroad Eagles Club. Deb lost her son Kodiak and home in a fire last winter.

         Along with the Spaghetti and meatballs meal, meat raffles were also available. Thrivent Financial was also a sponsor for the event. Here are some pictures from the fundraiser.


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Area Box Scores


4/16/2009 Roseau               3      Grand Forks Red River             4

4/16/2009 Warroad             3      Grand Forks Red River             5

4/17/2009 Roseau               3      Deer River                                 8

4/18/2009 Roseau               4      Orono                                      10

4/20/2009 Warroad             15    Red Lake Falls                         13

4/21/2009 Roseau               2      Warroad                                  12

4/23/2009 Warroad             11    Crookston                                3

4/23/2009 Roseau               2      TRF-Goodridge                        3

4/24/2009 Roseau               6      B-C-G                                      0

4/24/2009 Warroad             16    LOW-RR                                  5

4/27/2009 Warroad              12   TRF-Goodridge                         1

4/28/2009 Roseau                 8     Crookston                                 4



4/13/2009 Roseau               2      B-GB-MR                                8

4/16/2009 Warroad             3      TRF-GG                                 8

4/17/2009 Roseau               10    Crookston                                5

4/17/2009 Roseau               15    Crookston                                11

4/18/2009 Roseau               9      Pelican Rapids                          1

4/18/2009 Roseau               6      Frazee                                      4

4/21/2009 Roseau               2      International Falls                      6

4/21/2009 Warroad             5      LOW                                       4

4/21/2009 Warroad             2      LOW                                       9

4/24/2009 Roseau               5      TRF-G-G                                 0

4/27/2009 Roseau                1     LOW                                        4

4/28/2009 Warroad              8     Crookston                                 4

4/28/2009 Warroad             1     Crookston                                 3


Greenbush Race Park Schedule


pictureMay 9, 2009 Test & Tune (Weather Permitting)

May 16, 2009 Season Opener Shootout (All Classes)

May 23, 2009 Ed's North Country Meats Pure Stock Special (No 4)

May 30, 2009 Races Plus King of the Ring Full Size Car Demo(No S)

June 6, 2009 Midwest Mod Special $500 to win $100 to start(All Classes)

June 13, 2009 Central Boiler NLRA Late Model Special ( No M,4)

June 20, 2009 Roseau County Coop Races Plus Lawn Mower Races( All Classes)

June 27, 2009 Budweiser NOSA Outlaw Sprint Special (No M)

July 3, 2009 Winnipeg Super Truck Special, Lightning Sprints Vs.Greenbush Outlaw Mini Sprints Special,& King of the Ring Truck Demo (No MM, Streets)

July 4, 2009#16 Chad Olson Memorial Mini sprint Vs. Lightning Sprint $1000 to Win Special(No MM)

July 5, 2009 Rain Date 3:00PM

July 11, 2009 Agassiz Insurance Midseason Championships(All Classes)

July 18, 2009 Wikstrom's Baker Cup Modified Special (No 4)

July 25, 2009 Border State Bank NOSA Outlaw Sprint Special (No MM)

August 1, 2009 Life Care Medical Center Regular Race (No PS)

August 8, 2009 Brodin sheet Metal Fan Appreciation Jam The Stands Night ½ Price adult tickets

August 15, 2009 Races Plus King of The Ring Car Demo(No 4, MS)

August 22, 2009 Sheldons Used Auto Parts Street Stock Special $500 to Win $100 to Start(All Classes)

August 29, 2009 Regular Races (All Classes)

September 5, 2009 Midwest Modified Special $500 to win $100 to start(All Classes)

September 6, 2009 Track Championships Plus Powder Puffs & Mechanic Races(All Classes)

September 7, 2009 Rain Date 3:00PM


Track Meet Results

(Submitted by Rick McBride)

Crookston VFW Track Meet
Tuesday April 28, 2009
Girls Results
East Grand Forks 128
Crookston 111
Park Rapids 108.5
Bagley/Fosston 68
Roseau 47
Warroad 47
Ada-Borup 35
Lake of the Woods 33.5
Warroad Results
4 x 800 Meter Relay 8th (Nikki Carlson, Grette Brunelle, Lindsay Fast, Lynn Astrup)
100 Meter Hurdles Kailee Ogden 3rd 17.6
100 Meter Dash Ogden 4th 13.9
300 Meter Hurdles Savanna Perkins 6th 55.1
                                   Cassie Demmerly 7th 55.3
200 Meter Dash Ogden 3rd 28.3
3200 Meter Run Astrup 5th 12:39
High Jump Michelle Erickson 1st 4’ 10”
                     Julia Fisher 4th 4’ 6”
Triple Jump Erickson 4th 31’2”
Boys Results
Roseau 147.5
East Grand Forks 94.5
West marshall 90.5
Ada-Borup 81
Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton 69
Warroad 42
Crookston 34
Bagley/Fosston 32
8 other schools scored points
Warroad Results
4 x 800 Meter Relay 1st Rhett Warmsbecker, Joey Olson, Moses Heppner , Solomon Heppner) 8:48
4 x 400 Meter Relay 7th Warmsbecker, Brady Pieper, Jordan Hahn, Joel Maxwell) 50.3
800 Meter Run Moses Heppner 1st 1:56.8
                            Joey Olson 5th 2:12.5
3200 Meter Run Solomon Heppner 3rd 11:04
4 x 400 Meter Relay 3rd (Warmsbecker, Moses Heppner, Joey Olson, Lucas Gennafson) 3:49
Pole Vault Cassidy Olson 5th 10’


Hamline Elite Meet
Friday April 24, 2009

The Hamline Elite Meet is an invitational only meet. The athletes are invited based on performances to date this track season. The meet is A and AA schools combined. It is for the best athletes in the state in their events. Moses Heppner of Warroad was invited to participate in the 800 Meter Run and the 1600 Meter Run.

The first race for Moses was the 1600 Meter Run. He won the race in an exceptional time of 4:17.74, which is the fastest time in the state this year. He  the ran in the 800 Meter Run 70 minutes later and finished in 3rd place in the race with a time of 1:59.1.


Warroad Knights of Columbus “Frostbuster”
Thursday April 23, 2009
Girls Results
Warroad 143
West Marshall 136
Int’l. Falls 107
BGMR/Freeze 85.5
Lake of the Woods 65.5
Warroad Results
100 Meter Dash Kailee Ogden 1st 13.3
4 x 800 Meter Relay 3rd (Nikki Carlson, Grette Brunnelle, Lindsay Fast, Lynn Astrup)
100 Meter Hurdles Ogden 2nd 18.3
                                    Savannah Perkins 4th 18.6
                                    Jenna Thompson 5th 18.7
4 x 200 Meter Relay 3rd (Kayla Colden, Thompson, Cassie Demmerly, Michelle Erickson)
1600 Meter Run Lindsay Fast 1st 6:07
                              Susie Heppner 3rd 6:28
                              Kaitlyn Heneman 5th 6:56
4 x 100 Meter Relay  2nd (Demmerly, Beth Olson, Julia fisher, Perkins) 4th (Maddie Egeland, Tiffany Murray, Stephanie Hansana, Tiffany Fish)
Pole Vault Colden 3rd 7’ 6”
400 Meter Dash Colden 3rd 68.9
                              Olson 4th 69.9
Long Jump Deidre Hahn 4th 12’ 11”
300 Meter Hurdles Perkins 3rd 55.4
Shot Put Megan Toso 3rd 28’ 10”
800 Meter Run Brunelle 6th 2:55
Discus Toso 5th 74’ 7”
200 Meter Dash Ogden 1st 28.0
High Jump  Erickson 1st 4’ 10”
                      Fisher 3rd 4’6”
3200 Meter Run Astrup 2nd 12:59
                              Tara Buss 4th
                               Thompson 6th
Triple Jump Erickson 1st 30’ 4”
4 x 400 Meter Relay 4th (Colden, Olson, Erickson, Fisher)
Boys Results
West Marshall 176.5
Int’l. Falls 158.3
Warroad 113
Lake of the Woods 70.8
BGMR/Freeze 28.3
Warroad Results

4 x 800 Meter Relay 1st (Moses Heppner, Tai Larson, Joey Olson, Solomon Heppner)
100 Meter Hurdles Cassidy Olson 4th 19.1
100 Meter Dash Joel Maxwell 6th 12.5
4 x 200 Meter Relay 5th (Joel Maxwell, Rhett Warmsbecker, Bryton Charles, Cassidy Olson)
1600 Meter Run Solomon Heppner 1st 5:09
                              Joey Olson 2nd 5:14
High Jump Kruzer Lunos 2nd 5’ 6”
4 x 100 Meter Relay  3rd (Warmsbecker, Jordan Hahn, Kirby Paradis, Cassidy Olson) 4th (Jeremy Thompson, Lucas Gennafson, Paul Carlson, Joel Maxwell)
400 Meter Dash Ryan Maxwell 2nd 59.1
                              Alex Perius 4th 59.5
Long Jump Lunos 5th 15’ 7”
800 Meter Run Larson 5th 2:26
300 Meter Hurdles Paradis 4th 48.7
                                   Solomon Heppner 50.1
Shot Put Aaron Denault 4th 37’ 5”
                Chris Martin 5th 35’ 5”
                Joe Mindl 6th 35’ 4”
200 Meter Dash  Paradis 3rd 26.1
                               Gunnafson 5th 26.5
Pole Vault Cassidy Olson 3rd 10’
                   Joey Olson 5th 8’
3200 Meter Run Moses Heppner 1st 10:36
                               Brady Wilmer 5th 13:16
Triple Jump Brady Pieper 5th 33’
4 x 400 Meter Relay 3rd (Warmsbecker, Larson, Joey Olson, Gunnafson)


With the snow cover gone, the animals are seen daily nourishing themselves in the fields




Grunig Auction ends Era in Badger

        Even a newcomer driving by on County 26 could tell that the Grunig place was different than the usual Roseau County farm. On Saturday, April 25, the equipment on the Grunig Farm was sold at auction, ending an era. Many of the auction goers had worked for the Grunigs an had stories to tell. Dieter Grunig and daughter Gabriele came over from West Germany several decades ago, bought up some farms and started up several different agricultural enterprises over the years. Here are some pictures taken on auction day.



Picture of the Week

This little prayer chapel graces one of the rural cemeteries. Where is it?

Last weeks picture was taken looking west from Highway 89 just north of the Roseau River in Ross. As you know, Ross is south of Pinecreek (conifer stream). The river has risen to cover much of the adjoining land.