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Weekend Scandinavian Festival in Roseau-June 11-14


     It is a big weekend for Roseau. Some will say this is the biggest weekend of the year as folks here celebrate their Scandinavian heritage. The Roseau Scandinavian Festival handbill advertizes the event for June 12-13, but The Reed River Chorale concert kicks off festivities on the evening of the 11th and the Festival wraps up with activities at the Pioneer Farm on Sunday the 15th.
     Event organizer Pam Hetteen says, “It should be a great event. We have a lot of great vendors coming over and you should enjoy the demonstrations.”
     She continues, “Maggie’s Catering of Karlstad serves up the Scandinavian smorgasboard on Saturday. Maggie’s food is great and her presentation is unbelievable!”
    “We’re hoping for a nice day and the weather is predicted to be good for Saturday,” said Pam, “The Car Cruisers are having their show at the Pioneer Farm on Saturday and the 9th District Legion is also having their convention in Roseau this weekend so there will be lot of people around.”
    “I’d like to thank Frances Karlsson for doing the logo again this year,” Pam says, “We started with “A” several years and this year our character is named Gunnar. Frances does a great job. In 2004 when Polaris celebrated its 50th anniversary, she had the character riding a Polaris snowmobile.”picture
    The list of activities is on page three of this issue. Events take place at the Roseau School Theater, the City Center, the Four Seasons Center, Downtown Roseau and the Pioneer Farm throughout the weekend.  Also featured is a Music Tent by the River and various demonstrations and strolling musicians will entertain the interested. “Tina and Lena” are the featured act for Saturday night at the theater before a dance at the four Seasons Center with the North Country Old Time Band.  
There will be something for everyone in Roseau this weekend. Be there.



Southwest Angle  

by Rob Crowe    



    It’s short, but beautiful, this week or so when all the fruit trees are in blossom. We have a crab apple tree here in the yard that is in full bloom but already the rain is washing away the blossoms so we don’t have much time to enjoy the view. The lilac hedge is starting to bloom, purple in color. It’s actually more like a lilac forest, if you need any shoots to start your own, come on over and I’ll dig up a few for you. picture

     Trapper has been displaying a bit of erratic behavior lately, not that his behavior is ever all that predictable. Usually his Chevy pickup sits by the door of the house in the morning. Abby the Dog and I go over there, Abby for a bowl of Trapper’s famous oatmeal and I for coffee with Trapper. Unfortunately for Abby, there have been several mornings recently that the Chevy’s absence has been conspicuous. He explains that in these absences, he has been at the all important task of procuring food in the form of trout from Whitefish Bay. Since I have a large slab of trout in the freezer from one of those trips, I’ll have to believe him. Abby lets me know that it really screws up her schedule and diet because here, she only gets dog food...and maybe some bits of table scraps. As Trapper often says, we treat her like a dog…

    The crusty old Norsk, Orlin Ostby, was telling us at work that he was going out to North Dakota to buy a 50 John Deere and an old photograph of the Pabst Hitch of Draft Horses that won the Blue Ribbon at the Chicago World Fair that the beer became named after. An old friend of his was selling out and he’d taken a shine to the items. After his constant daily dissertations over two or three weeks about the auction, I went on the World Wide Web and found the auction website. There were some very interesting things for auction, mostly far out of the budget Management sets for me, however a 1974 Polaris Colt SS caught my eye. It didn’t look all that good in the photo, pretty dusty like it had been setting for some time, which it had.

    I’d had a ‘76 Colt way back in the past and rationalized that it would be a good sled for the Little Girls, so figured that since the crusty old Norsk was going to the auction, maybe he’d be able to bid on it for me.

    Sitting with him at work the night before the auction, I asked, “Think you could bid on that Colt SS?”

    He gave me a glare. “How much you go on it?”

    Big spender that I am, I said, “A hunnert bucks.”

    Another glare. “You cleared it with Management?”

    I gulped. “No.” Evidently Management’s reputation has spread, for some reason or other.

    “I’m not going to bid unless you check with her,” the old Norsk snarled, “call her up and put it on speaker phone so I can hear what she says!”

    Since talking to Management on a speaker phone in the Blue Star cafeteria isn’t my idea of a wise thing to do, I replied, “No. Forget about it. I don’t want the sled.”

    So much for that idea. He did call me up from the auction while the bid on the Colt SS was at $125 and I said no. It went for some over $250. Someone wanted it pretty bad.

    He bid up to $1800 but didn’t get the John Deere 50. He was the winning bidder on the Pabst Blue Ribbon picture, an old wooden butter churn and some furniture.


    I’ve been working on some projects. For me, to work on a project first entails fixing something, in this case Skiddy, my 250 John Deere Skid Steer. The hydraulic lock started blowing fuses so the short had to be found and fixed. That done, I proceeded cleaning up the remnant s of an old building out back which had been burned a couple of decades ago. We needed an area to fence in Amber the Horse and I have a few more projects to bring home. Katelyn took a picture of the action. All that’s left is seeding the grass. Since I’m all fired up, call me if you need some skid steer work done.

 Another week in the Great North, see you next week!

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schedule of events

Towing those Boats

     What came first? The boat or the tow vehicle? Enjoy this pictorial essay about boats and their tow vehicles...or is it tow vehicles and their boats? You be the judge. Whether along the frontage road in Roseau or on the way to the Point in Warroad, they rule the roads and boulevards every summer here in the Southwest Angle.



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Greenbush Race Park Results-May 16th, 2009

Modifieds - Feature
Finish    Car                 Driver                                                Hometown
1      44D         Luke Dyksta                            Winnipeg , Mb
2      1R           Rick Delaine                             Stoney Mountain, Mb
3      16            Gavin Paull                              Ft Frances, On
4      74            Dustin Wahl                            Greenbush , Mn
5      22            Mike Tiani                               Newfolden , Mn
6      007          Jason Johnson                          Karlstad , Mn
7      20K         Ken Geske                              Thief River, Mn
8      20X         Darian Boyce                           Winnipeg , Mb
9      2             Aaron Holtan                           Newfolden , Mn
10    75           Jamen Foss                              Greenbush , Mn

Pure Stocks - Feature
1      81         John & Duray                           Karlstad , Mn
2      3L         Logan Salazar                           Pembina , Nd
3      169       Justin Olson                               TRF, Mn
4      43         Mike & Peterson                       Lancaster , Mn
5     99.3       Ed Lehrke                                 Hallock , Mn
6     49          Don Byfuglein                            Roseau , Mn
7     2L          Nick & Linert                            Badger , Mn
8     55          B. Corneliusen                           Warren , Mn
9     923        H. Corneliusen                           Warroad , Mn
10   17H       Kyle Hanson  -

Mini Sprints - Feature
1      40         M. Schmiedeberg                 Lake Bronson, Mn
2     2R         Roland Bernard                    Winnipeg , Mb
3      9           Dennis Rantanen                   Thief River, Mn
4     6           Jennifer Carlson                    Winnipeg , Mb
5     56S       Danny Steinmetz                   Langdon , Nd
6     4           Robert Saindon                     Ste. Anne, Mb
7     22         Brandon Johnson                   Holt , Mn
8     15         B. Schmiedeberg                   Lake Bronson, Mn
9     67         Jeramy Swenson                    Badger , Mn
10   2          Corey Olson                           Badger , Mn

4 Cylinders - Feature
1     13         Michael Wenham                   Winnipeg , Mb
2     15D      Mike Demchuk                       Winnipeg , Mb
3      K9       Doug Krause                          Winnipeg , Mb
4     05         Shannon Gilbertons                 Thief River, Mn
5     24T      Tiffany Noreikis                       Warren , Mn
6     75         James Cooper                        Mahnomen , Mn
7     24         Shawn Klassen                       Winkler , Mb

Midwest Modifieds - Feature
1     17         Lance Schill                            Langdon , Nd
2     22         Rod Peterson                         Thief River, Mn
3     2          Victor Kaml                            Greenbush , Mn
4     5R        Davy Riopelle                         Argyle , Mn
5     99        Adam Gajeski                         Stephen , Mn
6     13        Brian Lepier                            Bemidji , Mn


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Greenbush Race Park Schedule



June 13, 2009 Central Boiler NLRA Late Model Special ( No M,4)

June 20, 2009 Roseau County Coop Races Plus Lawn Mower Races( All Classes)

June 27, 2009 Budweiser NOSA Outlaw Sprint Special (No M)

July 3, 2009 Winnipeg Super Truck Special, Lightning Sprints Vs.Greenbush Outlaw Mini Sprints Special,& King of the Ring Truck Demo (No MM, Streets)

July 4, 2009#16 Chad Olson Memorial Mini sprint Vs. Lightning Sprint $1000 to Win Special(No MM)

July 5, 2009 Rain Date 3:00PM

July 11, 2009 Agassiz Insurance Midseason Championships(All Classes)

July 18, 2009 Wikstrom's Baker Cup Modified Special (No 4)

July 25, 2009 Border State Bank NOSA Outlaw Sprint Special (No MM)

August 1, 2009 Life Care Medical Center Regular Race (No PS)

August 8, 2009 Brodin sheet Metal Fan Appreciation Jam The Stands Night ½ Price adult tickets

August 15, 2009 Races Plus King of The Ring Car Demo(No 4, MS)

August 22, 2009 Sheldons Used Auto Parts Street Stock Special $500 to Win $100 to Start(All Classes)

August 29, 2009 Regular Races (All Classes)

September 5, 2009 Midwest Modified Special $500 to win $100 to start(All Classes)

September 6, 2009 Track Championships Plus Powder Puffs & Mechanic Races(All Classes)

September 7, 2009 Rain Date 3:00PM


Section 8A Track & Field Meet 

Submitted by Rich McBride

 Saturday May 30, 2009

Warren, MN
Team Scores
Girls (Top Ten)
East Grand Forks 125
Bagley/Fosston 83.5
Park Rapids 79
Crookston 65
Hawley/Ulen-Hitterdahl 52
Nevis 39
Warroad 34.5
Roseau 33
Lake of the Woods 29
Red Lake County 26
Boys (Top Ten)
Ada-Borup 92
Roseau 88
Hawley/Ulen-Hitterdahl 84.5 Walker 76
West Marshall 56 East Grand Forks 56
Mahnomen/Waubun 49
Warroad 38
Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton 32
Bagley/Fosston 23
Warroad Results
100 Meter Dash  Kailee Ogden 5th 13.53
                               Deidre Hahn 8th 13.75
200 Meter Dash Kailee Ogden 5th 28.56
400 Meter Dash  Deidre Hahn 3rd 1:00.48
1600 Meter Run Lynn Astrup 6th 5:47.42
3200 Meter Run Lynn Astrup 6th 12:54.55
100 Meter Hurdles Kailee Ogden 4th 17.33
High Jump Julia Fisher 3rd 4’ 8”
                    Michelle Erickson 6th 4 ’8”
800 Meter Run Moses Heppner 1st 1:56.78 (Section Record) (Qualifies for the State Meet)
1600 Meter Run Moses Heppner 1st 4:22.18 (Section Record)  (Qualifies for the State Meet)
                               Joey Olson 6th 5:02.18
4 x 400 Meter Relay 3rd 3:42.91 (Moses Heppner, Joey Olson, Tai Larson, Alex Perius)
4 x 800 Meter Relay 4th 8:51.32 (Tai Larson, Joey Olson, Rhett Warmsbecker, Solomon Heppner)
Pole Vault  Jon Saurdif 5th 9’ 8”




Early Summer Scenes


Picture of the Week

Another old barn, but this one is still standing tall. Where is this one located?


Last week’s picture of the John Deere mailbox is located on 300th street just west of the Spruce Church.