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Welcome to the land of the Southwest Angle. This little corner of the state just off the SW edge of the Lake of the Islands, as the Incredulous Robearly native Indians called the Lake of the Woods, is pretty unique. Here, the men are a little rough around the edges but their women love it. Some Swedes and Norwegians still speak the native tongue so you might not understand what Trapper or Orlin are saying but are afraid to ask. Lots of stories are hidden here, only waiting to be discovered and printed.

Below is the latest Southwest Angle Column from the Warroad Pioneer. If you don't understand all the terms, the lexicon is on the Home page.

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December 24, 2008

       Things happen rather quickly sometimes. The new owners of the Warroad Pioneer didn’t want my Southwest Angle column, and, since I have so much fun writing it, I chose to continue the tradition. I figured you all wanted to continue hearing about Trapper, Ms Toyota, Pum the Ox and Management’s exploits so here it goes.  I've started a new publicaion, Southwest Angle News and views, both in print and online.
        On to other things. Trapper’s buddy Dick is trying to justify his purchase of a 115 HP, 4 stroke Mercury outboard motor for his boat. His latest plan is to buy it for wife Eileen’s upcoming birthday. He thinks that since she occasionally accompanies him up to Whitefish Bay it might work, but the rest of us are a bit skeptical. Will keep you posted...

MOVING INTO PLACETrapper moved the logging shack to its familiar location northeast of Bemis Hill in the Tamarac swamp. If you are in the area at noon and hungry, the pancakes are on the griddle. While he won’t turn a raven away, he’s much happier if you bring along some sausages to fry up...

Gene Knutson’s buddy Blackie think he needs to upgrade his wheels. Blackie reports that the old Norwegian ran into someone with his S-10 on one of his trapping expeditions so it looks a little worse than usual, which was pretty bad. 

aerostaRI’m saved the indignity of purchasing a Chevy Van. After scouring the Midwest online in search of a 
Ford Aerostar AWD van, I found one in the Trading Post. It was at DeWayne’s west of Roseau, another ‘94, reasonable, low mileage and in good shape. Now Management can work on putting on another 100,000 miles in a ‘94 Aerostar AWD. Rest assured, GM lovers, we’ll keep Dick’s old Buick since  it still has a current State Park sticker.

Have a great Christmas, See you next week!

December 31, 2008

Christmas is nearly over for this year. I’ve only one or two things on the list to make it complete.  The major item left is to finish the yearly newsletter for the household. Usually the household cats (the authors) and I (publisher) have it done before Christmas, but during a couple of years in recent history, the task has been left until after Christmas. This is one of those years.

MENAGERIEAfter spending Christmas Eve with the Tapper , Ms Toyota and the rest of theRoseens, we had a leisurely Christmas morning at home before heading south on Christmas day.  It was like a rolling postcard, convoying through the snow covered countryside. The wind hadn’t yet blown the snow from the tree limbs; it was simply gorgeous.

The only mar on Christmas was to find that the furnace had quit on our house in Hill City. Fortunately, no water damage and we were able to repair the pipes over the weekend. Back to the Great North on Sunday night.

Monday morning I was assigned to take the Little 4H Girls to Thief River Falls to the Water Park. After sending Management off to work, I took the back seat out of the Aerostar. In the midst of the task, I received a call from the crusty old Norwegian, Orlin Ostby. He demanded to know what I was doing. I told him and he said I was cruel to have sent Management to work while I was playing. I reminded him that I also was charged with the important task of picking up the organ Management was purchasing from him on our way back from the Water Park. After a couple more insults, he let me go.

We drove down to the Water Park and the Little Girls enjoyed their time there. Dadsplash relaxed and took some pictures. On the way back, as promised, we stopped at the Ostbys’ to pick up the organ. Orlin had the important job, telling sons Eric and Christopher what to do as they hauled the organ from the patio and carefully slid it into the back of the Aerostar. Plenty of room. We went out and looked at the horses in the barn and then he showed me a neat covered sleigh he had in the yard. It was too dark for pictures so that will wait for another day.

Once we got inside, it was business time. Orlin demanded that I pay him three dollars for the organ since he’d paid two fifty for it at an auction. I reluctantly shelled out the three dollars as he complained that it should have been more since he’d had to store the organ for a couple of weeks since Management said she’d take it. I told him I figured he should have delivered it for the three dollars, but I’d already lost that argument.

Orlin’s wife Mandy took pity on us and fed us all some potato and dumpling stew before sending us on home.

Another week in the great north, see you next week!