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Welcome to the Southwest Angle, the more or less imaginary place on the southwest shore of the Lake of the Woods. The Southwest Angle is made possible by the existence of the Northwest Angle, that unique chunk of land, the most northern piece of the continental United States, that is accessed by land through our neighbor Canada. When I was asked to take the writing job with the Warroad Pioneer, the name Southwest Angle was the first to come to mind. I haven't regretted it.  

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Kerby Eidsmoe and his Timberjack

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Goosefest Tractor Pull

brik house

We live in an  old brick house at Roseen's Corner, seven miles south of Salol on County 13 in Roseau County.  This is where all the stories are written, usually in the wee hours of the morning just before the deadline. Trapper lives in a log house a few feet away. Trapper starts having coffee guests before 6 AM, usually Ms Toyota is the first and the rest straggle in throughout the morning. This reporter is usually the last, partially excused by the fact that I usually have worked the afternoon shift at the Blue Star the night before. 
          Southwest Angle Lexicon

          Abby the dog - a pudgy, 4 year old yellow lab - terrier cross that spends every minute possible with the columnist.Abby

Big Kids - Travis, Heidi and Erin, columnist's oldest kids, grown up and moved out of the nest.

Blue Star - Where columnist spends his afternoons melting pieces of steel together. More commonly called Polaris, this company builds toys. Guy's toys. 4-wheelers of divers sorts and snowmobiles. One of the founders, David Johnson, took the columnist and  Trapper on a memorable snowmobile trip to his log cabin on the Angle.

Dick's Buick - An early '90's Park Avenue that Trapper's buddy Dick had in the shed. Pawned it off on the columnist for the extravagant sum of $300. Came with a 5/50 Warranty - 5 seconds or 50 ft, whichever comes first.

Hard Driving Editor - The former editor at the Pioneer. Had a Pontiac GTO, thus the hard driving moniker.

Layton Oslin - Legendary marksman who bagged a Taurus with 2 shots one year.

Little Girls - Alyssa, Katelyn and Valeri, the three youngest of the columnist's family.

managementManagement - No explanation necessary

Missus - the woman that more or less keeps Trapper in line, pretty much a full time job.

Ms Toyota - Trapper's oldest daughter. Also a trapper, she has become a rabid Toyota afficianado even though she was raised to be a devoted Chevy lover. She is well on her way to destroying her second Toyota pickup.

 Old Rocket - Chuck Lindner, Warroad entrepreneur, named the Old Rocket for his high placing in the 2007 Yellow rose 5-K run. Also does winter ultra-marathons on his bike.

Orlin Ostby - A Crusty old Norwegian who works at the Blue Star. You never know quite what he is saying because much of his speech is in the old country tongue. He took his huge ox Pum and a Red River oxcart to Pembina, ND, then down much of the old Pembina Trail in the summer of '08. What started out as Walking the Trail ended up being Trailering the Trail when the incompatibilities of an ox traveling at 2 mph and retired suburbanites aiming massive RV's down the road at 70+mph overcame the mission of the expedition. He made it past Little Falls, exhibited the ox and cart at several big functions, trailered to the St. Paul and walked the last several blocks into the '08 State Fair, then was a participant in the Fair Parade and called it a success, which it was.

 Pronunciations: There are some unique names in Roseau county. This bit of verse will help you remember the pronunciations of a couple of them.

         After moving up the rung in Malung,

        I had to lay low in Salol, to avoid the fallen women of Falun. 

Rolling Playhouse - RP for short, it is the old, rusty Econoline conversion van the little girls used for a playhouse before Management totaled two vehicles, pressed into use as the primary vehicle for the family.. Now retired, its components to be  used for one of the columnist's endelss projects.

SOTY - Slob of the Year, one entry this year is the individual that cut down the "Hanging Tree" near Bemis Hill. Another is whoever cut the top out of  a spruce tree at the Point.

Southwest Angle - Imaginary location off the southwest corner of the Lake of the Woods. Lots of things happen here, mostly in the mind of the columnist.

 Trapper - Tough as nails Landlord/Philosopher. He farms, traps and holds court at the breakfast table at Roseen's Corner for whoever stops in for morning coffee. Normally pretty clear thinking except that he adores Chevrolets. His most regular customer is the free-loading newspaper columnist.

Yellow Rose - where Management works. Company makes windows; on the company logo is a big yellow rose.