Lexicon - Ms Toyota

Incredulous RobI’ll have to let you know that we have the strongest woman in the world living right here in the Southwest Angle. I was talking to my co-worker Claude at the Blue Star the other night and he was giving me a running commentary on the vehicles and equipment Ms Toyota has broken over the years she’s been with Claude’s dad, Gerry Reed. He finished with the statement: “That Ms Toyota could break an anvil!” The statement appeared to be a pretty apt description of the situation. Word is that Gerry is keeping Ms Toyota away from his shop anvil. It’d behoove the rest of you to do likewise.

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Ms Toyota and coyotes

Ms Toyota with the 4 coyotes she trapped in one morning

Ms Toyota with skunks

She actually does like skunks...Trappers generally have to clear the skunks out of an area before they can trap the more valuable animals. She hangs these on the back of the barn to be used for bait later in the trapping season.